Need help with EX HHS/Jewelman combos!



Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to get the advanced Honda combos down and I’ve encountered trouble particularly with executing EX HHS. I don’t really know a reliable way to get them out, I use pianoing to get normal fierce hands to come out (jab fierce strong jab fierce) and have tried changing the last input into fierce and strong at the same time but I’m having trouble. Do I just need to practice or is there an easier way? Also, in terms of jewelman combo, do you guys have any tips for linking HHS into EX HHS, eg. timing etc? Would really appreciate any help or tips! Thanks!


Back when I played I used some of the following methods:

  • Mr.SNK piano ending with 3P with the pinky (LP-HP-MP-LP-3P)
  • Pressed LP with my index finger and slid my thumb LP-MP-HP-3P
  • Slid the plate of the nail of my middle finger MP-LP-MP-HP-3P

You’ll get the timing with practice, it’s the same timing as getting HP hands into HP hands. For reference here is a list of most methods I used back in the day.


I do it on pad so i don’t know how helpful this is but i just do my normal inputs and just press 3pp at the end along with hp, works everytime.


Trying to do jab,fierce,strong,jab, fierce+3pp, not able to do it atm as the speed of the input is too slow but I’ll keep practising! Thanks!


I used to do jab(index),fierce(ring),strong(middle),jab(index), 3P(pinky). I chose to do it that way so it would be a completely different motion than regular hands so I wouldn’t get them mixed up under pressure.


I use this as kinda a kludge but I hit jab strong fierce as normal, then strum my three fingers sequentially from jab to fierce as fast as I can. My inputs look kinda sloppy after the first three, it’ll either look like:
Jab, jab + strong, fierce,
jab + strong, jab + strong + fierce,
or jab, strong + fierce.

I never get jab + strong + fierce as the only input.

I get ex hands 100% of the time using this method and it’s even more effortless than the standard jab xx fierce hands.