Need help with Fightsticks

Hi, I’m new here and I’ve been playing fighting games casually (I’m not very good lol) and I want to start taking them more seriously. I’ve been looking around for a TE fightstick (360) to buy and it seems that you get purchase them anymore from the madcatz site. Does anyone know where to buy one for retail price and if not does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative stick?

Thanks :smiley:

Some Gamestops sell them, and you could always just go with a cheaper madcatz stick to start off with. That way you can see if you enjoy using one. Plus it is almost cheaper to buy a cheap stick and buy the better parts and put them in yourself.

For online, there are usually sales on sticks around the time of big tournaments if you’re willing to wait.

For places to get sticks locally, you’d have better luck asking around in the regional matchmaking section.

As far as recommendations for other sticks go, check out #3 in the arcade stick FAQ.

or you can buy one here on SRK im selling mine for 100$

gamesharks site usually has them

I know but they seem to be all sold out of the SFIV TE. I might just get a PRO are there any modding tutorials for the PRO?

I personally recommend getting an Eightarc or a Qanba instead because you can choose a dual modded model and not need to buy two sticks if you go the competitive route

Are Eightarc’s built well and are they as good as Madcatz sticks?

yeah. just make sure You buy the dual modded one

I’ll look into it thanks for the advice! Also one last question are they easily mod-able in terms of artwork and stuff like that?

I dunno about that. truth be told after I modded the art on my first stick I stopped caring about that stuff