Need help with footsie game/ wake up gameplan

I understand that footies is all about space control and keeping in range/out of range of attacks and normals. Sometimes though it feels like my opponent can do whatever they want and their buttons can beat out mine no matter what. It feels like no matter what button I press they just seem to have the upper hand. Am I missing something or is this strictly mental fustration? Also. When knocked down or in the corner I feel pressured into doing a ex move or something else crazy on wake up for fear that my opponent will get through my defense. Any useful tips for wake up defense would be great. Thanks guys :v:

Welcome to SRK. We’re going to need more specific information if we’re going to help you.

Footsies: Are you talking about SF4? What character do you play? What characters are out poking you? In general, try going to training mode, recording the characters with buttons you’re losing to, and see if you can figure out better ranges/with the character you’re using.

Wake up: With out knowing more information, I will say that blocking is generally your best option. You should generally only go for an unsafe reversal if 1) you can see them jumping/poking, 2) they have a habit of going for a meaty/mixup when you’re doing, or occasionally just to keep them honest.

This should put you on the right track. One thing I’m learning is that footsies can take a great deal of discipline sometimes…waiting for that opportunity to press a button or your opponent to make a mistake and punish them. Remember on wake up a lot of times it’s best (especially in SFV) not to press a button…especially wake up DPs and such; more often than not you’d be better of waiting and taking the throw 'cause at least you’ll be back at neutral to some degree and you can regroup a bit…

@“Trouble Brewing” I play USF4 and SFV. Pretty much just ganna play SFV when it comes out. I hadn’t considered the character being one of the factors, so is that part of the match up? A character might have better normals than another’s? Consistently I have been beaten by Laura And Bison in SFV. Particularly Bisons Cr.MP and I main Nash and Birdie.

@mobbdeep thank you for the video!

no problem if u need any help just hit me up.