Need help with fundamentals

I have hesitated posting on here about this but I’ve had SSF4 since June 2010 and I haven’t been able to really gain any progress outside of learning a few BnB combos for a couple characters (Ibuki and Cammy mostly). I know points don’t matter, but I can barely keep above 1k PP and once I got to B with Cammy, I dropped back down to about 2800 BP like crazy. I generally hover around 500-900PP.

Once someone gets all over me, I have a hard time focusing and deciding what to do, which generally leads to me losing. Sometimes I get the people that don’t know how to block crossups or kunai vortexes but other than that I feel like I can’t win.

I’ve seen things like buffering Neckbreaker into cr.MP so if it hits, the Neckbreaker would come out and score a knockdown or buffering Spiral Arrow into cr.MK for the same thing, but in game I just totally forget and seems like I never see an opportunity.

If someone would be willing to check out some of my replays on either Xbox 360 or PC, I would really like some critique or coaching.

If you want specific critique on your characters (Ibuki and Cammy), you’ll net better results if you post on those sub-forums directyl, instead of here in the newbie saikyo. While we can give you general hints, tips, and tricks, and how to improve your fundamentals, you’re best off going to the character experts to get specific details on what you can work on to improve your play.

I’m basically looking to get general advice since I get destroyed no matter what character I play as. Anything at all would be helpful at this point because I’m getting really frustrated at times.

I just made a thread like this about my own game. Posting links to videos will help get you some more specific advice, at least from my experience.

If you’re playing on PC you can give me your Steam/GFWL nick and I can play some games with you.
I’m not good by any means, but I should be able to help.

Block. Block. Block. And don’t press any buttons, except throw to tech.

When people are putting pressure and running their offense you need to block and wait for them to mess up or create enough distance between you and them so you can “reset” and begin your own offense.

I can help you out with cammy and general game play. Add me on xbox, gt MECHA29. Please have a mic :slight_smile:

Well, based on what you wrote, it seems like you know how to do basic combos, but are having trouble playing the actual game. So here we go.

Combos are the least important aspect of street fighter. You have to learn the fundamentals of how to control your zone, how to space your moves properly, knowing your your and your OPPONENT’S options are at any given point in time, learning how to react to jump-ins and anti-air them properly, and how to read the momentum of the match.

This is usually accomplished by adhering to one simple rule…don’t jump forward. While in a practice match, it is indeed advantageous to jump forward to land a jump-in attack, and lead to putting pressure on the opponent, it has to be done in a careful and precise manner. If you limit yourself to just 3 jump-ins per round, you’re forced to rely on your ground game to land damage on your opponent, and learn how to keep him in control. Make good use of your normal moves to dominate the ground game, and don’t really on special attacks, ESPECIALLY if you’re playing as cammy. Ibuki can get away with it by utilizing her lk tsumuji, but otherwise, you’re stick using mediocre footsies to dominate a match. This is important to learn if you want to develop your fundamentals as a player.

Other than that, we’ll need videos of your matches to do any further critiques. Anything I, or anybody says, is only a shot in the dark as it pertains to helping you improve.

you’re talking about kunai crossups and vortexes but you can’t block?

all you need to do is block and wait. either wait to see a pattern, wait for a throw and tech (which makes space), wait for them to jump (in which case punish or escape), or they do something unsafe (punish or escape).

you don’t have to do a single fancy thing to beat someone. just forget your vortexes and junk.

I definitely don’t try to auto-pilot vortexes but I figure if it’s working (within reason), why stop. I don’t just go for vortexes at ever opportunity but I will take the advice and try and put it into my game. Over the last few days I have gotten a bit better at blocking and teching. I’ve been trying to play a little more patiently and look for openings rather than mindlessly push buttons.

I posted a couple videos on the Ibuki critique thread if anyone would like to take a look (

My GFWL and 360 gamertags are the same, Trogdor0102. If anyone would like to play a few matches, just send me a friend request or message and I’ll give it a go.

Don’t jump. Punish people for jumping. Use Normal Moves to Get you to where you want to go in the match.

Trogdor, if you are serious and want help dont ask people on here to add your gt. Take the initiative and add people willing to help you… I’m willing to help you out don’t get me wrong but I’m wayyyy to lazy to add your gt