Need help with geif, chun, and bison match ups



I’m about intermediate in this game I believe, and as a Cody player, I don’t see a clear way of keeping geif from wrecking me into the corner. I use rocks when geif isn’t in range for green hands, but that only works for so long. Once they back me up into that corner, they can just wreck me with SPDs and normals. Question is, how do I keep geif away from me and stop him from crossing me up with that light kick > SPD frame trap in the corner?

Next, chun li, a pain in my butt. She can keep me out too well, and style on me when she corners me with overheads, frame advantage normals, projectiles and throws. I need a good way to get in that doesn’t include anti air. I’ve tried blocking or throwing rocks to push her into the corner, but chun’s normals and fireball stop it quickly.

Lastly, Bison is just overall dangerous to me. His s.RH is godlike, and I can’t keep any consistent pressure on Bipson. Projectile become useless if he has ultra 2, and cody’s tall hitbox gives bison a wierd 50/50 cross up with jumping HP. This match I just need general advice with.

Thanks in advance
-demontium (aka Tommy Bastasch)


It can be pretty hard to keep a good Gief player away, even when chucking lots of rocks. Something I like to do that works really well against Gief (and also T. Hawk) is to occasionally throw the Fake Bad Stone and AA them with HK RK if they jump it. That should create a good amount of space. Standing Roundhouse is also your friend against Gief. I’m not that great of a player… but that’s whats worked for me against Gief.

Chun gives me some serious problems as well. I feel so shutdown by her. Not really sure what to do.


dunno why we have a STICKIED matchup thread, when ppl just open a new thread for any random matchup. =/


Vs Grief.
-Grief needs meter to ex-hand, and can only build meter safely with lariat.
-If he uses lariat vs your rocks to build meter, delay Rocks to hit him as lariat ends. From mid distance you can fake lp rufian, or ex-rufian kick to hit him out of the recovery of lariat.
-If he jumps over them, try fake rocks (or lp rocks if he is jumping just to close distance) and anti-air him.
-Hk rufian as anti-air -> mk rufian juggle to send him to the corner.
-And Hk as an anti-air works wonders vs him.
-Careful when he has metter, as ex-green hand can hit you before your fake rocks end (so fast that he won’t ever notice there were the fake ones).

If he get’s in (he will eventualy), it’s guessing time… Spd or lariat or poke.
-If you guess throw or SPD, ex criminal upper is inmune to throws… but vertical jump hp and a big combo is inmune too x’D
-Just jump until he uses lariat to stop you, then… if you guess lariat, block and punish.
-Ex bingo punch is inmune to throws and everything else too, except crossups jumps.

Anything else depends on how good the zangief player is, it’s hard to describe in a single post, but with this you should get going enough to know the matchup.

Just own him when he has no metter, punish his jump-ins with hk rufian -> mk rufian (to send him away), punish lariats, and sometimes charge bingo and ex-bingo and let him go away.


-Vs. Chun
I’ve always found that Focus Attacks are your best friend here (especially since Cody has a pretty nice one). When playing Footsies, Try to catch her Longer Range pokes with a Focus. Spinning bird kick is her armor breaking move, and it’s kinda hard to play footsies when your holding a down charge. Her only real option (that I can think of) to kill the focus is to use a EX Kikoken (pretty sure thats spelled wrong). Aside from that, just take your time. You can’t exactly go rushing in on a character with reversals like hers (especially when she has meter).

I tend to use Cr.Medium kick alot more then I should in that matchup, simply cause it stuffs scissor kicks and the Standing round house from a decent distance. However, if he catched on and starts throwing focuses out to catch the slide, your screwed. Use with Caution. Keeping pressure in this match is important, but be carefull when he has meter. His EX Psyco Crusher has nice startup invincibility and can catch you pretty easy if your throwing out too many attacks. Also, From full screen, keep a Bingo Charged. That way, if he tried for a devils reverse, or attempts to follow up a head stomp, you have a quick and easy solution.


This is already helping, thanks everyone.

Just tested out these strats in an endless with my best chun, geif and bipson friend.

I split my wins 7/9 chun, 6/10 geif, and 5/7 bison.


Vs Geif
Zone him… At full screen I have my mp charging bingo, use standing HP and RH to pop him out of the air on jump ins. With HP free I can use it to toss rocks to apply pressure or if on an un-techable knockdown I’ll use jab. To me trying to focus with this match up is dumb since he can snatch you up at any moment. When he does get close jab, mk rh you way out… Cody has some of the best normals in the game so use them to poke him out, and if he’s up in your face or get knocked down don’t be afraid to block and see what he tries.

Vs Chun-li

vs Bison
Look for his pattern, when you see it then lk. Toss out a to mk.rh to push back. At the very tip is can be tough to counter. All Head stomps can be punished. If he uses mk RH version you can just under it, cr.hp to for decent dmg. For lk version, you gotta dash and you can punish with to This takes time testing since you may eat a throw the 1st time to see if he’s using mk or rh of the head stomp. As for Devil’s reverse if you find yourself with him relatively close to the corner if he starts doing quick devil reverse nonsense, you can crack kick then ultra 2 and it’ll catch him. You can catch him anywhere if he’s dumb enough to get right over head, a dash back into u2 will catch him as well.


st.RH is perfect for stuffing Gief is perfect for stuffing Bison
good zoning is perfect for Chun

Chun is the hardest out of the three for sure because of her ex kikoken and her weird jump angle. Dont do frame traps on Gief if their sloppy. most bisons online are scissor kick ponies. dont let them get to you