Need help with guile play



hey guys. i got the game 2 weeks ago for the PC cause i don’t have neither xb360 or ps3 and i’ve been playing online but there are few things im having trouble with.

first thing is when people do cross ups all day. how do i go about counter this?

second is fighting hondas. out of all the matchups, i have the lowest win percentage against hondas. lag doesn’t help cause you need really fast reaction with splash and headbutt. tried stay away game but 1 headbutt does so much damage and when they splash, they’ll oicho me.

i don’t know, im still nwe to the game but i’ve been playing a lot since i got it. about 600 matches already online. 400 of them as guile.


for cross ups it works if you focus the hit and then dash. if they do it as soon as you wake up and you cant focus quick enough just learn to block them the opposite direction. Honda is easy because his headbutt doesnt go through sonic booms. Just sonic him all day. For the splash i just usually block and then hit him, usually just with a straight fierce. or you can grab. or you can focus as soon as he leaves the ground and crumple him as soon as he lands on you, then you can ultra him or do whatever…unless its an EX butt slam. hope it helps. that’s just what i do, im sure others have more and better input on this.


Crossups are a weakness for Guile. I had issues with it when I first started playing. But I don’t have crossup issues from smart players, just obstinate jumpers. For example they’ll crossup, do a block string, crossup, do a block string, ad infinitum. The best way I avoid it is block two crossups, if you know they’re going to jump again, just neutral jump and airthrow. Airthrowing keeps jumpers honest a lot. It definitely make them think twice about jumping. The range is good, but obviously can’t airthrow someone jump closer to the ground. But Guile generally has several anti-airs to keep someone from jumping. They’re specific to angels and distances, so it may be hard to respond to accurately. But that’s what make Guile so hard to use. His main game relies on anti-airs and punishment, and not all of his ant-airs are reliable. But airthrowing will stop repeat crossups.


an edit to my last post… you can absorb even an EX slam when focusing.


yea thats what i do to avoid getting hit by headbutts but i don’t know. i guess iget too impatient because it does very little damage and most of them get avoided. i try to crouch or standing fierce or neutral foward him in the air when he jumps toward me and works nicely but once my patience runs out i jump toward him and thats how i loose sometimes. i guess i gotta try to be more patient with guile lol.
i’ll try exing the smashes next time.

i’ll try the air throw against crossovers since i never done that before.

thanks a lot guys.


im aggressive with guile so i lack patience too. i end up eating a lot of hits from not stopping sometimes. ill just keep attacking and any opening i leave i pay for. So just mix it up so you wont be as anxious.


I’ve said this several times. Anyone who is not patient with Guile is not going to do well with him, bottomline. If you want your Guile to be aggressive, then fine, no problem. However, patience is key with Guile. It’s very important you keep your composure, and wait it out. He is a defensive character at his core. Impatience will cost you for sure.

TridentSeven, yeah, start utilizing those airthrows and come back and tell us how it’s working for you. Honda’s who like to spam butt slams are especially susceptible to airthrows.


well i don’t have a lot of trouble against hondas anymore. still slams are annoying but i could counter it a lot better now thanks to you guys. also im trying to stay away from red connection matches and that helped a lot.

i actually have a new problem against another character though. sakura lol. when the player gets you in that mix up loop, its really hard to know which side shes going to be. anyway to counter that or do i just have to prevent that from happening?


My only real problem with Sakura is her jumping hk I believe. It’s the one that comes down at a 45degree angle or 8o’clock. It’s very hard to c.hp, very hard to FK and very hard to air throw. You HAVE to block it and I don’t like it!


Go to practice and have her use that against you, so you get the timing of when to use flashkick. As for hondo, lp sonic boom alot, and punish when he jumps by a method of your choice. From farther back, crouching hp stops the splash on the way down if it’s not ex.

If honda tries to crossup wakeup spam like elfuerte use your focus attack, stay in the air when you suspect an oicho