Need help with HRAP1b

Ive had my HRAP for a few months now and it still has been acting quirky and I dont know why at all.

It is all sanwa parts (done by previous owner) but the JLF is acting very funky. For no reason it will just drop inputs (usually to the left but sometimes others or even all of them). At first i thought wires floating around on the inside might be touching so I opened it up and made sure nothing was touching and even put electrical tape on the ones not being used.

I closed it back up and it was working great again for a few weeks up until now again. I have not idea what could be causing it, the pcb, the wiring, the JLF pcb? Im so lost and pissed off at it.

Has anyone even experienced their JLF or HRAP1b acting like this?

Bad switches maybe? Try swapping the microswitches out for new ones

make sure the loose wires’ switches are not touching the other buttons’ switches on the inside.

never mind. could be a faulty pcb and switches.

i think ill try putting my newer jlf into my hrap when i get the chance to see if it helps