Need help with hypergrav

i would like to know a easy way to hyper grav after i lauch sj. then what? to get easy hyper grav to special


ive played this game for YEARS and i can only get it to come out about 25% of the time too… its also the combo ive practiced most…i dont think its the hits leading up to the hyper grav that make it easier but the technique you use to do the hyper grav to super… i would appreciate any help on this combo as well

Launch, magic series, and immediately after the mk, quickly do Hyper Grav cancel into Magnetic Tempest. I just roll the stick HCB to do Hypergrav, then roll it HCF to do Tempest. If you cancel the Hyper Gravs too fast, then they won’t come out. This is a pain in the ass to do on a Hori.

just wondering what is a magic series?

Magic series is lp lk mp mk hp hk. Basically if you’re using a controller its (Down+X), Up, X, A, X, A, Y, B.

k thanks i watched my friend do this lauch move pretty much all i saw was lp lk lp lk dash up.forward then lp lk lp lk or something like that i was wondering how that works

I am using a hori, and i remember about 2 days ago i had it down easily, did it almost 100% of the time.
Then magically the next day i get it 1/4 tries.
Annoying :frowning:

at the beginning I started doing this combo this way:

Launch (down + hp), after sj. for combo hold foward, magic series (still holding forward). them the rest of HCB + hk, cancel with QCF + lk + hk…

I am sure you didn’t need a new thread for this, but here:

launch, sj.lp,,, (hold mk button), HCB (release MK button), HCF+KK

Use negative edge to cancel the MK into the hyper grav fast enough so that it connects.

Also, the only way to get the grav to connect after the magic series (without an assist) is to “slow” things down with the super screen. If you do not follow the grav with tempest, the grav will not connect.

k thanks how can i make my air combo longer?

Are you talking about the old school 3 tempest B&B combo? It’s:

c.hp, /\ sj.lp,, sj.lp,, hypergrav xx tempest,, hypergrav xx tempest, sj,lk,, air-dash uf, sj.lp,, sj.lp, hyper grav xx tempest

or, if you just meant the air combo without a tempest it’s just:
c.hp /\ sj.lp,, sj.lp, airdash-uf, sj.lp,, sj.lp,,

launch /\ sj.lp,,, slight delay, sj.lp,,,, ADUF, sj.lp,,, slight delay, sj.lp,,, xx hypergrav xx tempest.

Thats probably his most extended “magic series” combo.

Lol that’s old school pre Rom. that’s back when we were doing infinites with j.lp,, lol. Brings me back

when you guys say sj. that means when he is already sj’ed in the air? correct?

yea. sj.lp means that when you are LP’ing that you are in the sj state.

f.lp = lp while you are flying
c.lp = while you are crouching
nj = lp while you are normal jumping
s.lp = while you’re standing

etc etc

Hey everyone, this is my first post on SRK. Sweet beans. Anyway, I was sort of wondering about the hyper grav; I can get it to connect just fine after the magic series without slowing down w/ tempest and I can cancel it into tempest at a pretty good succes rate, but if I set the dolls block to Auto in training mode it always blocks the hyper grav, no matter how quick I get it out. Am I doing something wrong? Still not fast enough even though I catch the doll w/o auto block with hyper grav?

With some further practicing and experimentation I’ve discovered that the pianorolling technique pretty much does it for me everytime, although the doll (Cable) still blocks about 50% of the time. To further add to my confusion this happens randomly at the exact same position, i.e. when I hyper grav xxx tempest fast enough for Cable to be above me he still manages to block the hyper grav half the time. Does this mean the combo is mashable? I’m probably missing some fundamental game mechanic here, and I hate to bother you guys with noobie ish, but I’m trying really hard to learn this game.

Technically yes, you can mash out of the tempest. But the AI isn’t gonna be doing it.

Like Neroiscariot said, the only way to combo Magic>Grav>Tempest sans assist is to use the Super flash to slow things down momentarily. If it connects outside of the Super cancel, or without an assist then the combo was broken.

That is the perfect explanation. There does need to be a slight pause before you cancel into the Tempest though otherwise you’ll have done the cancel before the Grav is active. During the Super flash you should see the outline of the Grav’s “orbs” as they appear. If they’re purple during the flash, you’ve most likely waited too long.

lol you called the dummys dolls =)

Haha, I did. My bad. FYI this combo is pissing me off, even more so than the rom.