Need help with ___ ___ into

Ok I play cable and I love his into ahvb. The problem is that I can not figure out which combo to start it. I could go or or c.lp c.lp or even a combination like I have figured out a few things though.

If I use the problem is that takes an extra frame to come out which could cause a trade instead of a combo into ahvb. On the other hand has the longest reach out of them all.

If I use I have noticed that there are plenty of times when the next will not connect. For example I do on a grounded opponent of normal size and the second will not connect.

If I use c.lp this seems to be the best one because it comes out fast and will almost always connect with another c.lp. The major problem with this attach is that it has the worst range and I believe bad priority.

Please if someone could tell me what combo I should be using to connect with to ahvb please tell me.

I am also having problems knowing which normals I should be using in the air from close combat. I have been using for when I am coming down on an opponent and sj.lp when the opponent is meeting me in the air. Is this right?

I like to do c. lk, c. lp(mp actually), s. hk, ahvb as my personal bnb.

The second hit(c. lp), has more range then the the second hit(c. lk). That’s why I stick to my preference in case I’m too far away. Many people just stick to c. lk, c. lk, s. hk, ahvb because they are lazy or the difference is negligible.

As for s. lk,, s. hk, ahvb, I only do this after coming down from a sj/j. hk. The other time is when I catch them doing the unsafe switch. The sj/j. hk should give you enough hit stun to dash in and connect the rest of your combo as long as you don’t hit them too early.

Sj/j. lp is godlike. So is his c. lp. The c. lp is best for pokes if your going for throws. If your going to meet someone in the air, I highly recommend the sj/j. lp because in most cases you either win or trade hits. You don’t lose much. And I only use sj/j. hk for a more complete offense on a blocking opponent on the ground.

Thanx a lot Whiff. What you said was perfect.

So I guess my next question is when do you use your, c.lp,, ahvb? I know to use it when I come jumpin down on someone and of course when someone switches out unsafely but what about other times? Are you the type that will dash in on an opponent and do it or will you wait for them to come to you and do it? Again thanx.