Need help with Jill

Hi guys,

I just picked up UmvC3 a couple of day ago… What can I say I’m a bit lost honestly. I know most of the basic for now, I can do some caracther mission and make it to the last 1 but I don’t know something’s missing, as an example I dont know wich caracther can be good with or what type of assist to use. This is actually my second fighting game. I started with MK9 and the combo system isnt the same at all. I would like to use Jill but is she a too hard character for a beginner ? I mean I’ve tryed doing the first combo of this thread “I’m No Ordinary Civy” Jill Combo / Strategy / Tech Thread Revamp
and I can’t even do the first one… Are there one that are simpler ? Im not able to link the 236 L into the H attack … Im I doing it to fast to late but Im really thinking that Im not for this game … Do you have any tips or easier combo for a scrub like me ?

The idea behind Jill’s combos is sort of a consummation of the philosophy behind everyone else’s combos: use as many powerful hits as possible while omitting the weaker ones whenever possible. Jill has a tough time dispensing damage; it’s taken a lot of work just to get her to a 700k average, but by cramming as many :h:'s and hard-hitting specials as possible, she’s done it. It’s amazing how much less scaling occurs with some of her specials. Try turning on Input Display during her combos for some Christmas fun. Before you get into that, though, you’ll want to grasp some basic skills crucial to pulling off and understanding her combos.

For the sake of continuity, let’s use Ryu as our training dummy. Try this basic jump loop:

:h:, c:h:, :b::h:, :d::d::s:, Somersault, :uf:, j*:h:, j:s:, :uf:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :u:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :h:, :b::h:, :qcf::m:, Somersault, :qcf::atk::atk:*

If you can pull this off, great. If not, then bear in mind a few tips and factors:

-While canceling into FC, you can hold an attack button to perform the corresponding special as soon as it’s ready.
-j*:h:** and j**:s:** have absurd hitstun for normal moves. You can and should delay them greatly to make sure you touch the ground as close to the end of j**:s:**'s hit as you can.*
-Make sure you’re jumping as the notation says. If you deviate from those directions, you run a high chance of missing unless you’re in the corner.

All of that should net you 640k damage. If it didn’t, then you either didn’t delay the last Somersault long enough, or you did it in the corner. Don’t fret, you can still do it in the corner and get full damage. It’s an essential tactic, in fact. When you get comfortable with the first one, try this mild variation:

:h:, c:h:, :b::h:, :d::d::s:, Somersault, :uf:, j*:h:, j:s:, :uf:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :u:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :h:, :b::h:, :qcf::m:, :d::d::s:, dash forward, :d::d::s:, Somersault, :qcf::atk::atk:*

Feral Dash steals the corner and transforms the climax into a mid-screen combo. Pretty cool, right? Remember that it will only work if you cancel :qcf::m:* with :d::d::s: when the victim is high enough to take some time to be ground-bounced, so don’t go practicing it on grounded dummies.*

Credits to Gangie for the text, but that’s the beginner combo you should be doing, not 236 L, H

I made the “Prerequisite Orientation” section of the combo thread just for people in your kind of situation. Give it a read and see if it helps. If not, let me know so I can make it better and help you out some.