Need help with Kaillera on LAN

ok, so i’m trying to run a kaillera server on LAN… or rather Hamachi ( . . i just can’t fucking do it.

what should i do? the things i’ve tried are:

IP = Hamachi IP
IP = ISP client IP
IP = real LAN IP

all i get is “listening on port 27888…” and nothing happens after that. i used to get “timeout touching master server” when i set the conf file to public. i’m on dial up btw. should i connect to the server whil it’s in the listening state? if so, how do i know which IP to connect to?

i asked my friend to try this too (he’s on a broadband network) but he still got timeouts. :frowning: i’ve never seen online.

help please!


this is pretty much the same topic as the one in the technical forum.

open up the kaillerasrv.conf and set it to public=0, then it wont try to touch the master server and fail.
Then just type the local ip of the computer running the kaillera config and voila.

alright, did just that. it worked. thanks!