Need help with "Kick Super"

I can’t seem to link Kim’s Kick Super (the one that sets up the infinite) from his d,d + K stomp

Can you only do it off a certain kick button? Is the timing tricky?

I can do his (qcb,hcf+K super) off of the stomp, but not the kick super that sets up the infinite.

I need to learn this because the stomp forces shorter, crouching characters to stand, therefore get hit with the super.

Any help will be appreciated.

I think the qcb, hcf+ mk is how you’re supposed to set up for infinite. As far as I understand you’re supposed to do air qcf+k during the super so you can land before opponent and wiff d, d +hk to cancel into another d,d +hk(by doing his lp stance attack).

The reason only that super works is because the game lets you cancel into qcb,hcf+k after d,d+k. Anyway d,d+k actually has a lot of recoveries if you don’t cancel it(either into super or into his stances). so I doubt that you can link into qcfx2+k or air qcf,hcb+k.