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Alright, this is seriously pissing me off. I almost wish i didn’t learn how to plink. Now I can’t do this crap at all. So I’m just trying cr.lp, cr.lp,, fierce CU. And with the before the first cr.lp. I’ll be damned now if i cant get the damn medium punch to combo. The inputs are correct in training but his jab just keeps coming out now instead of the medium punch. It’s retarded. Yes, I am pushing the medium punch down first, yes the correct inputs show. It seems easier just to mash cr.lp into and then fierce CU. I’m pissed now. It just won’t come out anymore. WTF!

And do you plink on all of your links? This seems just like a hell of a lot more frustration than any effort its worth. Right now I’m wishing I didn’t even bother to look at some youtube video about it.

So should I even bother with “plinking” on the cr.lp, cr.lp,, fierce CU? Ill be damned if it doesn’t seem easier to just push the hell out of jab and then into F. CU

If you’re getting a jab instead of the mp then you’re hitting your link too early and still getting a chained jab. Chain combos take priority over other button presses so it just means you have to delay your mp~lp plink a little later.

My as well not even plink at all seeing it’s not a 1 framer. And his 1 framers are nearly useless. Why did I even bother to learn plinking?

c.lp, and one more 1frame link into is NOT useless. but friggin hard to do - if you can do it consistently - mad probs., c.hp link is also a good way to maximize your damage - again anything but useless.

and no, Plinking can have a purpose but I don’t do it with cody. in specific combos with other characters I do it sometimes.

I completely disagree with both those statements. It just sounds like you hit the wall of frustration. There’s not much advice other than to keep on practicing. I’ve practiced his>>“cr.hp,,” so often and so much that all of his other links becomes horrendously easy to do. Just because you don’t plan on using something doesn’t mean you should abandon it.
Take it slow and then speed up. Try to get it 3 on the left side and 3 on the right sight.

And you do not need to plink cr.lp> just practice the timing. If doesn’t come out, you’re doing it too fast. If it comes late, you’re doing it too slow. Now with that in mind just play around and you’ll get it.

i very much agree.
to me codys hardest link(& the only one i plink) is: f+mp,
you just gotta practice & learn how to troubleshoot your timings :tup:

To help with the timing watch your opponents energy bar. You see a flash of light move from the middle towards the edge. Exactly when the flash hits the end is when you should be pressing the next button. Its not practical to watch this during a match but will help you get down the timing.

[edit: this is apparently false]

I always thought that was exposed as a “placebo” effect way back in Vanilla? But hell whatever works for the player…

when i mess up the link and another jab comes out instead of the the jab is canceled into the cu instead

If your inputs are right in training mode, and you’re still getting a Jab instead of a Strong, then exactly like TheLastWolves says, it’s because you’re pressing the Strong~Jab too soon, and it’s chaining into a Jab. It’s actually trying to chain into a Strong, but since that’s not possible, it ignores the input and goes on to the next one (Strong+Jab). Simply delay your timing between the last c.LP and the c.MP plink and you should get it every time.

The light that moves down the energy bar has absolutely nothing to do with frames of the attack that hit. The light moves at the same speed no matter what attack hits. Maybe by some freak coincidence for this specific case, it’s exactly right, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

The flash of light that moves down the bar is actually a remnant of the original SF4 UI that they left in after it was partially changed. Originally, the circular Ultra meter was located at the outside end of the player’s health bar (where the character portrait is now), instead of at the outside end of their super bar. The flash of light was meant to visually show how the health a player loses is transferred into Ultra meter. This also explains why the flash of light happens when the character absorbs an attack. There’s no hit stun when you absorb something, so if this flash of light was somehow related to the hit advantage of the move, it shouldn’t happen when you absorb an attack.

The more you know

Wowzers. I stand corrected. I could have sworn it moves at different speeds. I used the light bar method for timing in vanilla and I would swear by it, it seemed to work very well. I never used it in ssfiv. Good to know so I don’t pass along false info.

The yellow flash in the light bar… wasn’t it an indicator of the hit-stun or block-stun of the character?

If i recall right, that can not be used to time the links exatly, but only to know that if you link when the flash is done… then it is already too late and the character can block again.
It is useful in training as a visual aid.

When people have issues with linking from a c.lp or s.lp, I usually just tell them to use as it works wonders. The frame gap is much bigger than and you can link about every attack except a short ruffian, you need mp for that. When it boils down to it, doing c.lp x2(through 4 links) -> xx jab,strong,fierce,ex CU, or foward,roundhouse RF. You dont have to worry about plinking and the damage differences are not that serious to gawk at.

Just my two cents…
I find much better than
But that link doesnt really need to be plinked even…timing is all it needs

After the 2nd lp count to one and press mp. I don’t plink. And I get it 90%

J.hp cr.lp xx
J.hp cr.lp cr.lp xx

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Whatever happened to learning the timing of combos instinctively/visually?

cr.lp cr.lp xx fierce CU
I always try to press cr.lp cr.lp in the same rythm and it works for me because you’ll always press the a big later since it’s another button/finger but you won’t be too late and miss the link. Try it. Just try to tap in the same rythm

Just learn the timing, its not too hard, and its very easy to mess up plinking in a real match.

I plink everything because I can, I don’t see any downside doing it, it’s just an automatism.