Need help with low parry


Can some one please explain to me the timing for low parries? When I parry high I tap foward at the moment of impact and it works but when I do the same for low parries it doesnt work. It really sucks that I cant do this when I can parry like almost everything and even red parry about 80-85% of the time. Any help is very much appreciated.

I have another question. Is it very practical to use low parries? I can get by with not using them but I would really like to get the hang of these things so I can greatly improve my game.


Yeah I suppose. Ah well practice makes perfect right? So yeah ill just figure something out.


that’s amazing! :eek: :eek:


yea. i wish i can parry that powerfully :frowning:


Yes kudos on your parrying skills. I play against this guy all the time and his parrying is pretty good. But his low parry bites the big one. I actually find it pretty amusing on how much trouble he has doing low parry.


Yes it does suck and after playing some rounds today low parry is a must learn now. To many fucking low hits that can easily be taken care of with 1 low parry:mad: . Ahh well im still practing, eventually ill get it down.

Oh and ha ha remember this demon? Red parry, mp xx super = A++ lol man that was cool:lol:


this may sound a bit dumb, but… are you sure you are tapping down and not down/forward to do low parries? I know it was one of my old mistakes :lol:


That could be my problem. Ill just have to practice some more.


tap down at the right time …


I use to do Down Forward in 3s due to I was use to just defends in CvS2 by hitting down back.

Now I do low parrys when I want to go for a low normal as well ( Most of the time I hit down before I throw out a low normal so I stop theirs and perform my own. Especially against Kens… I dunno about chun-li’s though kind of scary :confused: