Need help with Mag's more simple infinites

I play Mags the old school way (magnetic tempest air combos) but lately I’ve been intrigued by some Mag combo vids and am determined to learn them. What I need to know is how to start some infinites and do you guys prefer fp or fk after launching? Thanks!

Yes try holding down+hk after launch so you can dash down better.

its best to start most combos out with , launch , hk , ad/df…
all combos i list below with start with what i put above
infinit combos:::

lk , lk , sj , lk , lk , ad/df , lk , lk repeat

lk , lk , sj , lk , ad/df , lk , lk , repeat

lk , lk , sj , ad/df , lk , lk , sj , ad/df , lk , lk , repeat

lk , lk , , sj cancel , ad/df , lk , lk , , sj cancel , ad/df , lk , lk , repeat

the last two are extreamly hard so i suggest not trying them untill you get the first two down

slide infinit ( easy to practice with psy)
psy aaa , , , tri-jump , , repeat

Man that stuff looks hard, but I’m going to just keep trying over and over until I get one of them down. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m playing on a DC with the 1st party controller, so it’s going to be even harder to get the fk + ad/df. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

its nearly impossible to do those without a stick so i suggest you get one.

now this may be different with you guys but i’ve had mvc2 on dc and now on ps2 and i don’t own a stick. you may find it funny but i play with the good ol’ pad and i use my three fingers instead of the thumb and my assist buttons are L1 & L2 and i do all those infinites with simplicity. Think i’m crazy? So it’s actually damn near impossible to do those on a controller only if you use your thumb, but try playin as if the controller was an arcade stick and it’ll be a lot easier. sup reset.

-tuck butta-

ROFL i use pad allllllll day long unless i get bored at home and go to the mall which is about maybe twice a week and i play EVERY DAY atleast 5 hours a day … but i will addmit doing things on stick and pad are totaly diffrent because i can do things on stick that i cant do on pad and vice versa


I do all my shit on the pad with my thumb. Stick is impossible for me.

pad … stick … its all the same to me … the ONLY infinit i can not do on stick YET is , sj.xx , ad/df , lk , lk , , sj.xx , ad/df , lk , lk … it only takes time … i will get it down on stick … but everything is easier to do on stick then pad , well for me anyways because i use the slide method

i used to use pad too.
untill i started playing @ an arcade (and was getting my ass kicked).
so i learn on my dc stick and its totally diff.
i like using the joystick so much better then the pad.

That setup they are talking about is called “Option” because it sets up many differnt things for you. Dragon posted some of his infinites but he made them sound more complicated. Keep in mind all these infinites are done after option.

Option:, c.hp,, ad df,,, / (land)

With Psy assist:, + call psy,,, hk hyper grav, c.hp,, ad df, (pause a little bit, like 1/4 of a second),,, / (land)


sj,,, ad df,,, repeat
(that one works on big characters like sentinel, blackheart etc.)

sj,, ad df, , , repeat
(this is ment for small characters and medium characters, ie: cable, magneto, storm etc.)

sj, sj, ad df,,, sj, ad df,,, repeat
(this can be used for any character but performed better on big characters, only for show, not worth doing.) , sj cancel, ad df,, , , sj cancel, ad df,,, repeat
(gotta be the toughest infinite to do, it’s only for show, not worth doing.)

The last two are hardest and thus the most likely to fuck up. So stick to sj,, ad df,, repeat and the sj,, ad df,,, repeat.

Aside from the combos being hard enough to do, your not going to be able to perform them on a pad (unless you use your index, middle and ring finger to push the buttons). , sj cancel, ad df,, , , sj cancel, ad df,,, repeat
(gotta be the toughest infinite to do, it’s only for show, not worth doing.)

wouldnt it still be worth doing because of the hk. more damage before the major buffering comes into play. sure, its hard… but not impossible.

That’s true, but the topic of this thread is “mags simpliest infinites” so that doesn’t apply here. Besides, its not worth doing because theres a much greater chance of fucking up. I’d rather stick with his normal infinite and cancel into tempests then delay to storm. But then again, that’s just me.

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