Need help with match up


ok I play Saget and i still get Body from time to time iv’e been playing 6+ Hour everyday to get ready for NCR this weekend, its my first tournament so i’m nervous and i don’t fell like i’m getting any better at some match up, my demon are Ibuki and Blanka if anyone can give me some help on the mind set i should have dealing with these match up i’ve only been playing for 3year now and need help.


youtube is your friend


Youtubes is alot of ppl friend


Check the Sagat forums.


what you need to do is prepare mentaly for blanka imo blanka has a big mind game factor and enough mix up to back it if the blanka is good and i know this from experience they will almost never use the slide.
so lets break that down one character at a time what is it blanka does to cause you to lose?
is it fear of the rainbow roll?
weither or not he will wake up shock?
the annoying feathers costume?
all of the above?


Match up questions go in the character specific sections.