Need Help with modding Street Fighter Anniversary stick


I know that there’s a lot of threads about this and i’ve tried searching but to no avail. I’m planning on modding my street fighter anniversary edition stick with an xbox 360 PCB. I’m planning on using Sanwa buttons but I don’t know the size of the buttons to order. Just need to know what things I need other than the PCB or the buttons. Can anyone help me out thanks.


Using Sanwa buttons would require so much work you’d be better off making a stick from scratch. Stick to Happ buttons.


You should get 24mm buttons for the Start and Select holes, otherwise yeah I’d stick with Happs. Standard Japanese button would be the 30mm ones. You would have to make the current holes bigger. Also you would probably need to route out some of the wood panel so you can screw them in.



Actually snap ins connects to the plexi pretty good, all you would need is to widen the hole to fit them…But if he plans on getting screw in, he would have to route out the holes underneath…

Are you going to use a Sanwa/Seimitsu stick or Happ/IL stick? You would also have to route out the bottom to fit the mounting plate for Sanwa…

Button size 30mm for the punch/kick buttons
Button size 24mm for the start/select

So yeah, lots of work & you will be ruining that beautiful case. If i were you, you’re better of building one from scratch like the other suggested…Then sell your SF Anniversary stick to me…