Need Help With Multiple Button Presses (And More)

I want to go to a six button arcade stick, to maybe save some money since it’s less buttons. But right now, I use the two extra buttons as training wheels. :frowning:

In Street Fighter for 3k or 3p or Blazblue for Rapid Cancel and most other fighting games, when you have to press three buttons, it never comes out right for me.

I can press two buttons to throw okay, but I can never pull off a three button press. How can I practice something like this and stop using my training wheels?

Also, it’s been said that “He who conquers the left side, conquers the world”, but even playing as 2P position I still lose, so I doubt the truth of that quote. :frowning:

I don’t know why, but I can pull off a 214 214 (doubled, for supers and things like that) input okay each time. But anytime, on stick or pad, I can’t pull off a 236 236 motion. I can usually do a single 236 motion, but I just have trouble with any move that faces the right side. (Which is most 1P moves.)

So for the TL,DR; version, here are the questions:

3 Button Presses, how to practice and pull them off each time?
How to execute stick or pad motions facing the right?

I couldn’t do both directions properly with “double roll” supers until I changed my grip. When I play Balrog, I use one grip. Shoto, another. Test out different grips and see if one of them makes it easier.

For the 3P, someone told me to double tap it when you’re starting out. Do the motion, then tap all 3 punches twice. Like TAPTAP. It’s worked for getting Balrog’s ultra 1 out, so it may work for you. There’s no shame in extra inputs so long as you’re not mashing or panicking, I’ve been told. If you’re just rolling the stick like mad and hitting all the buttons, this is wrong. But 214, 214 PPP,PPP is fine.

I’ll try a different grip, although that won’t work with a pad. (It’s the only way I can play a fighting game on the PS Vita. No option for a stick there of course.) So I guess it will just come down to practice, practice and more practice too?

And thanks, Togakure Ninja. I never thought of double tapping. I’ll give that a try and see how it works out.

Double tapping for 3P/K is probably really bad idea. You’re likely to get all sorts of messed up inputs.

Yes, it just comes down to practice. Try checking out the stickies for practice advice.

Thanks Trouble Brewing, I’ll look through the sticky.

I’ll start up some training then. I guess I just need to take it slow and then build up speed?

Does that include 3 button presses?