Need help with my Akuma

I’ve been playing SSF4 for about a year now, and about 4 months ago started playing on XBL with Vega as my main and Akuma as my secondary character. I’d like to switch to Akuma as my main, but I find that i wind up going on losing streaks and get discouraged and switch back to Vega to get back some PP’s. I understand the basics of Akuma’s fighting style, but sometimes have a hard time applying it to matches; I like to play an aggressive akuma, and find that when i get pressured, i have a hard time coming back from it, and usually resort to random demon’s on wakeup, hoping they’ll win the match for me. I was wondering if there are any good Akuma players out there that woudlnt mind giving me a helping hand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The Akuma sub-forumis pretty big and has a lot of threads geared towards learning for beginners and asking basic questions. You should read through some of the stuff there to find some advice.

Also, as a general tip, when asking for advice be as specific as possible. What are you having the most trouble with? Try to analyze your own games, and come out of that with goals in mind of what you need to improve. From there you’ll know what you really want to ask.