Need help with my C-Groove Team

as of now i use ken cammy r2 sagat

i don’t really like cammy and i don’t know who to use, PS i don’t like chun or guile, any other good c people i could use? i was considering sagat give me your thoughts

Guile’s too difficult for any player other than an expert. The next best C-groove character is in all likelihood Blanka. But if you’re anything like me and don’t enjoy jumping up and down and mashing on b+KKK like a scrub all day, try one of the shotos, Kyo, or Kim instead.

I fear fighting Geese, Rugal, and Yamazaki players as well. Vega gives me problems too, but I put him in the same category as jumping Blanka and sitting Honda (ie. scrub characters). Sakura is good too, but I strongly feel playing her too much gets you into really bad habits. Spamming RC’s and dive kicks all day will always get you killed by the mentally superior players in the end.

edit: I couldn’t beat Arturo when he used C-Rolento, Eagle. Might want to give them a try as well. Aside from the obviously best C-groove characters (Guile and Ken), all the above characters I’ve had trouble with at some point or the other.

You don’t have to agree with me, but Sagat and Cammy I believe are actually not so good in C-groove. To play them to their full potential, you need a running groove or P-groove instead.

I’m also quite in a trouble since I really play C-groove. My characters are sagat m.bison r2 Rugal. Problem is, my bison usually ends up crap if I can’t fool the opponent around with cross-ups and stuffs. I only use C-groove for the sole purpose of lvl2 special; which is very handy in the game. Well, you might add Ryu or Terry in your C-groove roster if you can compensate with dashing around alot than running (which is better i think) Please guys, help me too! I need a substitute for M.Bison for C-Groove! I tried Yamazaki but I really suck then. ={



Use Eagle.

He’s like the best parts of Sagat and Blanka and Cammy combined, except that he does more damage

yep, eagle is really solid in C-groove. his level 2 cancel rebuilds half a level 1, or it does excellent damage when cancelled into a mp lariat in the corner because eagle has the second highest damaging level 2 in the game (behind gief’s grab super…by 200 points). air block helps.

my biggest advice would be to NOT spam on standing fierce and crouching rh all day. that’ll get your eagle killed, then you’ll probably drop him. when in doubt, crouching mk. deceptive range, lots of counter hits, his best poke overall.

go check out the eagle thread, that has more than enough to get you started.


eage is nasty in c. he’s also fairly easy to pick up.

for fun, use kim. just don’t focus too much on the infinite.