Need help with my CvS2 team

OK, I’m going to Evo2k this year in this event, and I’ve been playong CvS2 for awhile (Hello old DC version) Anyways, I just wanted to know which groove should I use with my team consisting of Athena, Ken, Sagat? I’ve never really played seriously with grooves, just toyed with them, just wanted to know a serious groove for these guys

[edit I play 3rd Strike Religously, and seriously]

it really depends on how you want to play your characters and what style you like. check out a Groove faq on read about the different grooves and pick one you like.

that being said, i think itd probably be good to play C-groove with ken and sagat (plus its a bit more straightforward than some other grooves). i dont know much about athena though.

C or N. But the best bet is to go with C.

ok thanks for your guys’ input, going to practice now, thanks!