Need help with my footsies

I wanna be at this:

Footsies game at its max if u ask me. But right now, im more like this:

It gets no more complicated when i say i suck. I was playing a game just now against an Ibuki and i feel like i shud have lost because my footsies were off and i cudnt even punish properly (still new to the fight stick). I need help because im practicing the wrong things. Im doing cr.lp into sc.hp, trying to be Sako when i shud be be practicing footsies… But i dont know how. I wanna know what i need in my footsies game, how i should play it with Evil Ryu and how i can improve it to be tournament material. I just want to be good with my footsies and punish the crap out of my opponents. Any online help would be good too.

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I don’t think Evil Ryu is a good character to practice your footsies (Assuming you’re starting from scratch?). Pick up Ryu first and learn the art of footsies.

But im asking how to practice footsies and what i need in my footsies to do it

Learn the range of your normals/learn to create space to make your opponent’s normals whiff/get angry each time your normals whiffs when you intent to hit someone with it

x repeat

Is there a that wud be best to practice against for getting my normal range down?

In short I’d say just read the footsie handbook that’ll get tossed here before too long.

I’d say E.Ryu is a great char to practice up footsies with even if his are a bit more involved than the usual s.hkBison anybuttonRog c.lp/mpVega, but the general idea is to control space and everything that comes with that [opps whiffing->punish, pushing them into a corner, scoring knockdowns.] Read the link, its more technical than any paragraph post will be.

The video for chapter one element 2 was removed can someone give me an example or post a video to explain this properly?

A quick example is John Choi. If you’re mirror matching his Ryu, he’ll do a specific block string (don’t remember exactly what it is) that’ll push you out of your c.MK range, but you’d think you’re at the tip (appearing vulnerable) As soon as you stick it out he’ll sweep you.

Also, learn footsies with your character. No point in learning footsies with Ryu to then turn around and have to relearn them with E. Ryu. You won’t pick this up overnight. You have to know the range of your attacks AND the range of your opponent’s attacks. It takes a long time to get good at it. For a while I’ve decided that I was gonna play ranked using normal moves only. I lost a lot of points but I’ve gotten better at foosties because of it.

In 2012 Evil Ryu can actually play footies his most useable pokes are standing MK, Standing Mp, Crouching Mp, Crouching Mk, and his Fireballs but theres more to footies than just pokes. Theres SPACING mastering spacing is another thing, I believe that Spacing is more important than actual footies/poking.

Btw let me say thank you guys alot for this awesome help especially Raas with that amazing website. But yea thats what i was thinking too, to just go into matches and just play using normals with evil ryu

Edit: i was just watching a video of someone talking about footsies while watching replays of his akuma and he said that he best way to improve footsies was to go to a game like 3s because those games relyw heavily on footsies. Well i have enough money in my psn wallet to buy it but i dnt want to waste my money if its not going to help me. So should i play some 3s or stick to ssf4 ae?