Need help with my game play


I’ve been playing this game competetively for 2 months. Before that I only played against some friends and cpu. For these 2 months in my school arcade, I never won a single game against any somewhat decent players.

My team is A ken/sak/bison2. I do the worst against rushdowns and crossups for my sak and bison. When my opponet small jumps at me, I just don’t have enough time to get d.hp out (sometimes it whiffs) or not at the right angle for bison’s s.hp. When I roll away, I’m not close enough to punish them and they will keep jumping at me again. Some crossups are just tricky, they jump way back and cross me, and I have to actually block the other way.

I can do bison’s cc about 6/10 times at the arcade, but not that well with sak’s cc. My stick at home is kinda different from the arcade’s. I can do cc better at home.

Any useful tips are welcome. Thanks!!


btw, I can’t RC
and the opponents mostly can’t, either


If you can’t do the CC 100% of the time, you best not be CCing. i suggest changing your roster NOW or waist quarters.

Tell me your style of play, and i’ll suggest to u some characters u might want to use.


Learn the basics… thats what people have told me for months, thats what I started doing, thats why ive gotten better.
Most importantly i would say watch out for your roll ranges, its not uncommon for people to put pressure on you just to get you to roll… (thats why i stopped playing roll groves) i would say play k grove for a while, it will help you focus on your game play, when you actualy have to fight your way out of the corner.

Another thing is try to play by only using normals, special moves, and super moves are good, but they are predictable, and have huge lag times,

Most important combo, if you get the chance to hit your opponent then take advantage, ime sure they would do the same to you! peep my site I have clips and things up.

ps roll cancling is only good if you can do it 90% if not forgit it. (i know ime only 60% :frowning: )



You said that you were having a problem with handling small jumps? Well you could CC through them and nail them with a large combo.

It is normal to have a tough time with CC’s when you first start to do them. My friend picked up A-Sakura and it took him at least 3 to 4 months to get her CC down ( he still messes it up sometimes) Just don’t give up on the CC’s yet.


Ok… uh I’m not exactly sure what my style is, but i’d say half offensive, half defensive. I do mostly ground pokes. I’m kinda afraid of jumping in and get dp’ed. When my opponent is in the corner, I try to mix up stuff so that they have a hard time getting out. I found myself play similar way to Obot64 in his newest video against ulesses (similar tempo and bad habits, too). Btw, those tips for him are kinda useful for me as well.

Sure, I’ll get better at the basics. But what are they?? heh heh :stuck_out_tongue:
I use normal moves a lot with sak and bison. Sometimes, I do well, sometimes I don’t. I’ve been to your site a few times. Great videos. I wish I can capture my games as well. So people can give me a game clinic thing.

Problem is that I don’t always have my meter full? I just recently learned the timing of activating under crossup, but still haven’t learned how to time it in air to avoid dps.



u just need to get the CCs down, or else ur pretty fucked =/

and with crossups, dp them, the easiest way


only ken’s dp and sak’s d.hp will work
what about bison?


If you suck, try some low skill teams before you pick some A groove Sak/Bison.

For example, try playing CAMMY.


OK… will that be cammy in A groove or i should pick another more basic groove?
who else do you suggest?


try k-groove, no bullshit bout rolling, only Just Defend, and when u got hit too much, u become raged and do 35% more damage, plus u can do lvl3 super then…

u dont have to worry bout anything with this groove, no building meter, no rolling, etc.


I’ll give K groove a try. Do supers get increase in damage as well?


A groove is advanced. Stick with C or K groove.
I recommend K groove, because in C groove you’re tempted to roll too much. (This is also why Cammy is a good beginner character. If you roll, you get comboed! Good training.)


K-Groove is awesome beginner groove IMO. Even if you don’t JD much at all you get lvl3s and a big damage bonus once or twice a round if you start losing. It’s great. :slight_smile:

If you’re gonna pick K, learn your “free” JD opportunities. Times when you can go for JD with little difficulty… like when you’re getting up, or anti-air. Also learn how to land those lvl3s! If you can get your opponents to fear the rage and start running when you turn red you know you’re getting the hang of it. :slight_smile:

I like Sak in K… super FB is good anti-air and spinny-kick super is good after little jumps.

And like Burghy said… Cammy is brainless at first. AND good in K-Groove.


half offense half defense huh???

guile is great at both, but he has his bad matchups against some of the top tier. rolento is great too, he can mix it up with runaway and rushdown, arguably the most versatile character in the game, he’s really popular in Japan. The best part about guile though, he’s REALLY easy to use. i wouldn’t suggest him in K if u gonna use that groove, guile’s best groove is C. Cammy Blanka and Sagat are obvious choices too.

and you should never ever jump in unless they are 100% open. it’s awkward at first but you’ll get used to it.

and crossup countering? try rolling if DPS are way to hard for you.


guile is good in k, not sure bout rolento though…

i suggest try blanka, sagat, cammy at least those 3, they are the top tier in K, and theyre also not that combo-ish, just low mk, somehting, or mp xx uppercut with sagat, not really hard, and there good chars as well


I’ll work on the not jumping thing.

After I roll to get away from crossup, I can throw if I’m close enough, but what can I do if I’m not and they keep jumping at me? keep rolling?

I’ll give K cammy/blanka/sagat a try! JD when I get crossup’ed, then throw?


Use K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat. Learn to utilize low jump and JD. Learn combos/strats for these characters. Practice. When you start to win alot in K then try A. I suggest you practice till you have +90% CC accuracy till you think about using A in a real match. Learn CC setups too once you use A. The reason A is good isn’t just the damage of customs, it’s their versatility.


K-Guile is good, but you gotta sit, and you are more predictable sitting on 3s.

“After I roll to get away from crossup, I can throw if I’m close enough, but what can I do if I’m not and they keep jumping at me? keep rolling?”

Hell no. Rolling most of the time is bad. While rolling you are vulnerable to throws and u get like a few frames of recovery frames after the roll, but since you are starting out, if you have meter, roll then super. Roll then Super is fun.

If you don’t have a Super, i guess attacking with a long and quick poke like the shotokan (ryu/ken/akuma) to a fireball/super or something of that sort.

The Jd Throw is kind of hard to pull off against players who know about it. only Zangief can do the JD to Throw succesfully and that’s if they are in range.

Cammy Blanka Sagat is a great team, but try learing a new character daily/weekly, so u can make your own style. i think playing with your own style will make you better, rather than someone else’s. I play Dhalsim, historicly a great character, but in CVS2 he sucks, i have success with him because I like him.

And with Blanka, don’t Blanka Roll, only Blanka Roll:

-If they whiff a fierce/roundhouse
-In a combo
-In tricks
-cross up (a bit tricky)

i’m missing other things but yah, don’t throw out random blanka balls like throwing random candy to a trick or treater.


Thanks for all the tips and feedbacks. I really appreciate them!!:cool:

I’ll let you guys know if it works out for me or not.
Now I gotta study for my finals that’s coming next week.