Need help with my Pelican adapter! :(


I have a Pelican adapter that’s pretty much done, and I believe it has something to do with the USB cord.

Prior to it biting the dust, I had to wiggle the cord around and get the adapter into the “sweet spot” for it to work, but now, it doesn’t.

I was wondering if anyone has ever replaced the USB cord itself.


Usb cord is done for and yes i have seen ppl replace the usb cable before. I dont know if there is toturial for that.


Do you have any soldering expierience? At this point there is no harm in opening it up and giving it the old college try. Open up and post pics someone will know what to do.:tup:


Yeah, I can solder.

Sadly, I cut the Pelican cord since I was just going to match each wires by color, but the USB cable wires are different colors than the wires coming out of the Pelican.

Pictures will be up shortly tonight, along with the USB cable I plan on using.