Need help with my Vega


Is he one of most difficult charge-characters to play? I like his story and appearance so i want to go far with him. But his links are too hard for me, almost 1f links. And his combos are also different from other characters i played. Can anyone give me some tips? What is Vega’s playstyle? How can i improve with him and what i need to train?


I hope you come back and read this. I’m not good with Vega, but he has some of the best normals in the game. St. MP, St. MK, St. HP, Cr. LP, Cr. MP, Cr. MK are all very good. Don’t slide a lot, good players will make you pay. He doesn’t have a good anti-air so I think he’s hard for a beginner. I don’t think he relies on long combos or FADCing. There aren’t that many useful ways to combo into his Ultras either. Also, I’m not sure he can cross-up.

To improve? I think your best bet is to master spacing. Learn the distances of the normals I listed. I think his best anti-air option is neutral jump HK, but it’s tricky so practice that.


@Greenwood‌ just a tiny addition to your contribution, he can cross up with in ultra :slight_smile:


I started with Vega right off the bat as a newbie. You can either set up your stick to BACK-link (I have a stick with custom Vega artwork and that has the button layout optimized for b-linking that I may be willing to part with, if you’re interested) or you can just avoid the 1-frame links until you spend the time in training mode perfecting them. You can just use cr. mk (or close standing mk) to cr. mp as your main hit confirms for the time being, and close standing hp to cr. mp to EX FBA as your main punish. Those are all 2 frame links. But aside from that and learning how to cosmic heel into scarlet terror (which isn’t that difficult and other charge characters have similar things like Guile’s high kick to Flash Kick), he really isn’t THAT difficult or technical of a character to learn.

I had next to no experience playing fighting games and I can usually nail 3x cr. lp to cr. mp and the cr. mp after EX rolling crystal flash, even without plinking, and that was only with like 6 or so months of training daily.

That being said, I sort of regret taking Vega right off the bat (even though I am pretty efficient with him now) – He’s not really like any other character, so all the time you spend training with him and practicing his skills will not really translate into many skills you can use with other characters (aside from basic things like learning to go back to charge the instant you jump, or whatever). You won’t really be using FADC at all with him which is crucial with most other characters should you decide to switch down the road.

He dominates the mid range game with his terrifying long pokes, excellent kara throw, and amazing mobility.

In my opinion his biggest weaknesses are his lack of anti-air options (usually it’s better to just block/backdash/backflip when you have people jumping in at you and you can be forced to play a runaway game at times) and his complete lack of an invincible reversal (Ultra 2 is his ONLY fully invincible move – where I think literally the entire cast has at least one invincible reversal, sometimes only an EX version of a move). Though I will say that that might possibly be one good thing about starting out with Vega as a newb – you won’t get in the habit of mashing your invincible reversal too much on wakeup or when getting pressured, because you don’t have that option!

One more thing: Should you decide to start taking him DO NOT get in the habit of spamming regular flying barcelona (wall jump). It will work against lower level players and CPU but you will absolutely get punished for it every single time by someone who knows what they are doing. You’ll mainly only want to use the EX version, and you’ll want to hit confirm it from cr. mk (add to cr. lp here once you can link it) to cr. mp to EX FBA or like I said use close HP to cr. mp to EX FBA as an up-close punish.


Which SF you refer? He’s my main char on ST and maybe I can help you.


I’d assume USF4 since he mentioned 1f links and it’s 2014.


Thank you for answer, i’m training Vega in USF4 and feel not bad on my ps3 controller. Thanks again for all experiences you shared.


Stick with it! As a new player, I think you’ll learn a lot from Vega. It’s true that he doesn’t use FADCs or other tech that can be found with most other characters, Vega will help you learn the very basics: spacing and blocking.

As mention previously, Vega relies on excellent spacing to stay ahead of his opponent. Mid range where Vega can strike while out of the opponent’s range is key to victory. Understanding spacing is important not only for every character, but every fighting game.

Also important for every fighting game: blocking. Since Vega does not have an invincible reversal or other reliable punishes, Vega best defensive option is to just block. Blocking is one of the most overlooked skills for players, especially new players. Learn to block all of your opponents attacks and you’ll eventually find an opening.

Good luck!