Need help with names

I’m making a screen play and I need some help with names. All that really needs to be known about the story is that it involves angels and demons.

I have the following considerations for the main character’s name:

  1. Darius King

  2. Abel (Sounds like Able)

  3. Abelle (Sounds like Ah-bell)

Any other suggestions would be swell. This includes first and last names.

Stephen Anansi (ah nancy)

Maybe you can use:
Uriel Sigurd?

Natas Kapus
Old school skater but nice name

Pick up a couple of foriegn language dictionaries, like Spanish/English, German/English, Japanese/English, Italian/English etc. The kind that has the words in a foriegn language and definitions in English. Flip through them and randomly land on words, see what they mean and take it from there. You can come up with some cool names that way that have never been used before, because people name kids after anything in reality. It works with an English dictionary too.

There’s also quite a few baby books out there that have names from around the world you can look into.

You have to let us know a little about the character in question first. Abel, for example, would’ve been a good choice if the character is supposed to be simple-minded, unassuming and slightly eccentric (much like the Biblical Abel). If you want a Biblical name, actually hit the Bible up and look for an appropriate allusion to your character.

biblical stuff is best. try the divine comedy.

james crawford a hardnosed detective trying to make sense of whats going on, and maybe in the end redeem himself and find salvation from the sins of his past!

ripped off jim casey from grapes of wrath (JC - jesus christ).

beatrice is a name i’ve liked since reading the inferno.

natas is famous for being satan backwards, just a heads up