Need help with offensive game

i play a pretty scrubby dudley and i come here for some advice

my main problem is that when i want to get in close to my opponent, i cant seem to hold my own ground against them. i’m horrible at footsies so i always end up trying to jump in on them. and whether it be empty jump ins with option select parrying/ chunky jump ins i always end up eating an anti air/low forward/ parry-> throw. i try to mix it up by throwing when i land/ ssb when i land/ low short when i land/ jump straight up again when i land? lol… but shit- am i just being too damn predictable?

recently i’ve been trying not to jump in so much to get in close… but like i said i’m horrible at playing footsies. my ground game… i’ll usually try to stay in range and get a low tech in so i can counter with ex machinegun… but eh… most of the time i get so focused on getting that tech in that i’ll start fucking up and getting thrown/ eating high attacks cause all i’m doing is thinking about that low tech. i dunno… sometimes i think the reason i jump in so much is because i feel so helpless on the ground (mainly vs ken and chun). i feel like they can pressure me so much with low forward and dudley doesnt really have anything to counter/ match it. i fucking hate low forwards.

at other times i feel like im just totally being outplayed by my opponent. i wont be able to get any techs on him to counter… i cant seem to get in close with duck ins without being pushed back by tech throws… then i’ll start eating low forwards into super cause i’ll be throwing out low mps too much… get high/low teched into super for free all day :[ not sure how i can get in close without being too predictable…

any advice/comments/flames are appreciated.

best advice i got from others…

RELAX… don’t worry about landing specific shit… just go with the flow… with time it will come to you just like it is starting to come to me now.

Also… run away like yun and build meter but in an unpredictable manner (,, f+mk, hp, f+hp) Make THEM come to you… i think you are stressing your offense a bit too much, there are two sides to every situation.

My Dudley is pretty scrubby and I play a pretty defensive Dudley but here’s what I think.

On jump ins, its sounds like you are getting parried because your timing of his jump ins is predictable. Do early or late jump roundhouse into a combo to stop them from being parry happy. Also mix up the distance you are jumping from. The people you are fighting seems to use low forward on your jump ins, jumping fierce and roundhouse has deceptive range so jump in from afar and bait them to do low forward and hit them or just low parry/block on landing.

Dudley’s towards fierce can counter shoto’s low fierce but you have to get the distance right because if you whiff, they can punish you with low forward super. Some Ken players buffer super into crouching forward without hit confirming so you can bait this by walking into range and block then punish. Also, you can use towards strong and towards forward to get closer to your opponent, especially towards forward cancelled in short/forward ducking. There’s not much you can do about Chun Li’s low forward except low parry or a pre emptive crouching roundhouse to beat it so jumping in against her is probably your best way of getting in.

Just a comment on your general play. From your description, it seems that you’re focusing on getting a parry then ex machinegun blow combos. Sometimes, just block it out and wait for an opening to counter attack. Crouching strong IMO isn’t really that good if they are up close because if can be parried high and low and doesn’t have that high priority (compared to shotos) so don’t throw it out too much. I generally use it to punish or for far crouching strong into ducking. If they are close up and you want to force them back a bit, use crouching short and its chain, stand forward or strong, stand roundhouse into short swing blow. Instead of just doing ducking throw, mix it up, do ducking then short swing blow or parry or walk forwards then towards forward linked into super. As Shodokan123 suggested you can try and make them come to you instead though I wouldn’t suggest it against characters like Chun Li or Urien.

also, another thing i wanted to ask was-

is there a special trick/way to landing a crouching roundhouse after a midscreen ex machinegun on chun/makoto? do i gotta move forward a little bit after the last hit from the ex machinegun? can’t seem to do that for the life of me.

thanks for the responses.

Actually, I haven’t actually thought about it in a while, but I’m fairly sure that in that situation the EX MGB actually puts you in the right place to just execute c. HK without moving forward.

Not sure though.

i always move forward slightly.

wait til lyou see his walk animation flinch a little and then down+RH.

dudleys jump ins are pretty predictable but at the same time hard to deal with. if you eat a deep houndhouse from dudley, that leads to a 1/3 life combo. so in reality, they should be the ones that are afraid of parrying it. but there are those that are really good at parrying, those people, youd have to mess with them a little and mix your game with grabs and ticks. dont let them get used to your jump ins, those are one of your strongest weapons.

Jeesup: i responded to your other post in the worst characteristic thread, dunno if you seen it.

Just keep doing rh overhead until they start blocking…

then low rh!

PS. Seriously…

Been watching my vids eh.

Lol… I got a new tactic that’s unbeatable…

Are you ready?


Short form is SPC…

why not just watch what others do instead of asking here?

You’d get better results anyway.

but I do agree with one thing I read. Don’t worry about attacking, learn to catch em off guard with a defense and then figure shit out. throw out standing roundhouses in a safe way and then learn to use the magic series combos better.

don’t watch yi wang though, because he’s a fucking scrub.

Sadly…some of the best Dudleys i know only get started by jump ins dont worry about that…other then that just mix it up, go over head over head, sweep etc.

When I jump in, I usually get raped. Keep the offensive jump-ins to a minimum, use them as a surprise attack. You can also wiff a FP in the air right above their heads so they will try to parry/tech and then throw…plus if they try to jump they get a lovely fist to the face. All of that really doesn’t work if you abuse it, though.

My Dudley ground game is all about opportunity. The person I play with most is an Akuma player, and Akuma is all about rushdown (or his is). So I block low, take a few overheads (sometimes) or throws and capitolize as soon as possible. One parry at the right time will get you a knockdown, then starts your offensive. As for the actualy offensive, Dudley has a scary high/low game. Most character’s main form of damage is from low, like Shotos. so if you block low, the only thing you have to fear is Ken’s slow ass overhead into super (which can be blocked if you’re quick anyway). Dudley, however, will rape your family when you block low on wakeup. Until most people catch on to that, you can abuse it, and from there you can do a couple of things, like wiff into a throw, low attack, etc. I’ve found Dudley’s offensive is best under fear. When you get your opponent afraid of Dudley (which they damn well should be) you can start doing more risky things…like duck into throw. Get them afraid to have you near them and they’ll start doing stupid shit or blocking, which is great for throwing.

eh… the person i play the most with plays necro… and he tends to corner me, stand a few spaces away and plays this to his advantage. and that damn down back fierce catches me EVERY time. not sure how to get out of this… he can option select high tech all day and punish me… low attacks… crouching roundhouse is too slow and crouching short doesnt reach far enough

in the end i eat some of his stretchy limbs into super + throws + continuous corner juggles and end up stunned/dead :[ i suck.

thanks for all the replies so far

I have the same problem with my friend dominating me with necro…hes a cornering beast >_<!Gotta parry to get out, or thats what i do

if he’s backing up a bit then push him back with your standing fierce. Unless you do it before his down back fierce you should be able to get out of there with a few of those. Or use your command dash thing to get near him, he’s likely going to expect a super and you can grab him and throw him in the corner and commence the beating.

When someone has you corner, don’t mash…just block low and react high until time runs out or until you manage to get out of there.

Or if he’s throwing predictable limbs like that, an EX Jet Uppercut works wonders for making him, y’know, not. :stuck_out_tongue:

why would you do that when you can parry?