Need help with OS Sweep

So I’ve been trying to improve my game by incorporating this nice OS… but I can’t seem to get it down! I can only get it on record maybe 1 out of 20 tries with doing,, and a little bit more successful with c.lp, Is there any trick to get the timing down? Or do I need to just keep doing it over and over until I can figure it out?

This is how I do it lp, lp+hk. That’s it. If the lp hits lp will come out and if the lp whiffs hk will come out.

ummm i’m not sure.I guess just make sure you are hitting the buttons at the same time,but that is all I can think of.

So you do, instead of kind of plinking lk~hk?


Yeah thats how you do it.

I do lp, lp+hk, lp, and then plink hk with You don’t have to plink with but that’s what I do. Don’t use lk since it recovers slower and it’s harder to combo after if it hits since you have to delay the lp+hk more. If you use lp it allows your sweep or lp to come out faster if the first lp whiffs. I don’t know if this is clear tell me if you need me to rephrase it lol.

do you do the lp after the lp+hk in case they don’t back dash and you some how get a hit on them with the lp and then combo into sweep?

Yea, but the important parts are the first two inputs the lp then lp + lk u can do whatever u want after that but i do another lp so i can confirm what to do if it hits or if they block it

I use 2 method:

1:,, c.lp You get an OS sweep vs back dash , a block string,, c.lp vs block or you can confirm if open gard.

2:, , this method you get less push back and a quicker hit confirm and opponent still has to block low. Its less natural

than method 1. also possible do , to have an extra OS tech and somehow it could be more natural.