Need help with Pinwheel/Fuhajin FADC into Ultra II

I’m a PS2 pad Juri player and I, for the life of me, cannot get it to connect. It’s almost baffling. I think I’m usually too slow with the Ultra II input. Is there any tips you guys could give?

For fireball, you need to FADC the fireball as EARLY as possible, there is actually a really long window of opportunity to FADC the fireball, so if you do it late, you won’t hit the link. I think you have a 2 or 3 frame window to pull this off, so it’s the easier of the two.

Pinwheel FADC into ultra 2 only works with EX pinwheel. It requires 3 bar to pull this off, and it’s a one-frame link. No real help available for this, it’s a hard link and you’re just going to need to practise it. I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve never really practised it since I’m a U1 warrior for the most part.

This certainly explains why I can’t FADC pinwheel. Thanks a lot. I feel so scrubish for not knowing that.

In addition, for EX.Senpusha FADC U2, you have to counter-hit. +7 without CH, +10 with. You have to control if CH, then land on just frame ; Younashi makes it all the time, for me it’s insane. Is there some people here who use it reliably and can share some advice ?

Wrong too. You have to FADC the 2nd hit of EX senpusha which leaves you at +10. If you score a counterhit (1st hit) and you FADC the 2nd, the counterhit will be nullified again (same for Ryu solar plexus). Your theory would only work if you break the focus with the 2nd hit FADC which would leave you > +10.


Oh thx I always tried to cancel the first one, and even in CH I couldn’t do it. Now I do it all the time by canceling the 2nd hit. I just missed to read the last changelog, and the Younashi’s video right. Now the most difficult is to be sure to cancel the 2nd hit.
Thx Shiroyasha