Need help with problematic Hori EX2

Need some help guys. I’m having trouble with my EX2 (Surprise, surprise! :() Anyway, my “Y” button is starting to have issues. Sometimes it doesn’t register and sometimes it registers multiple times for one press (I can see this when I use Sakura and it does a charged fireball when I don’t want one). I went into the SF4 training mode and turned on input display to do some tests. When I do 10 press tests I’ll get various results anywhere between 6 and 15 registers. :\

Any ideas on what the issue may be? Fixes? Every other button/function works perfectly. Thanks!

I’m getting the exact same problem with MP and HK. Even tested it in Training mode with Sakura and on Mame with Makoto in SF3. Both of them were telling me the buttons are out of whack. I suggest that you replace the buttons, that’s what i’m probably gonna do till I can get enough money to build my own custom.