Need help with progressing forward

I’ve had street fighter 4 since it first came out and haven’t bothered in getting the newer additions for financial reasons. Now I’ve purchased a fight stick to get the hole arcade experience, but really can’t seem to find myself with it. now keep in mind I’m not any good with the controller either, but i just can’t seem to get a grasp with the arcade stick. So I’m looking for pointers on how I can possibly improve with the fight stick exp. (button lay out, how to grab the stick, and what does the turbo button do?) also since I’m a one character player would like to know how to improve with that character (ryu) anything will help.

thank you for your time

For arcade stick help:

As for Ryu, you question is really too general to give you any meaningful information. Try checking out the Ryu section in the SF4:AE forum.

I always have, and always will recommend watching the SF4 Vesper Arcade videos. Not only does he talk about using the stick and gameplay mechanics, but he provides a video of his hands while he plays so you can learn techniques.