Need help with Proton shot xx Proton shot super?

I seen Mike Z cancel dooms arial proton shot with the super version. I’ve been trying to do it but I cant get the timing right. The super just wont come out. Can any one shed any light on this?


cancel it faster

I’ve tried canceling it at neumerous speeds but no luck. Is it super fast or, fast or…?

There’s no “trick” to it. Just do your hcb for proton shot then immediately do a hcb for proton array. Now, if you want them to link together the won’t unless you’re hitting their assist, this does NOT work on their point character because the delay between the and the proton shot allows them to block. If you watch the mike z vids again you’ll see he only does that on assists or when he’s hitting the assist and the point character (you also see the point character block the proton array while the assist takes it). BTW, how do you like team z? I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I like it a lot but it’s flaws come out against a good cable team. I find it nearly impossible to do anything when cable calls out an assist like doom’s AAA and then does j.hpxxelectrotap nade. Juggs is usally good against cable (wait until he screws up with a hvb or a vb on the ground and then do your rapage), but when the cable does nothing but keep away juggs is too slow to get across the screen. I dunno, it’s a fun team but you can see it’s limits. The only reason why mike z beats magnetro a bunch of times is 'cuz magnetro is messing around and not trying infinites.

I like Team Z a lot.

I see your point there when playing against Cable keep-away, though there aren’t many good keep-awayers in my area - come to think of it, there’s almost nobody who plays this game in my area.

It seems, though, that if you can force Cable into a corner, Mike Z’s trap combo with Tron will obliterate Cable quick-like.

it is definitely not possible to do it mid-screen. in the corner do a rh and then APSxxAPA