Need help with PS3>PC


Sorry if this has been discussed before i really cant find what iam looking for so i decided to make a new thread. Sorry again.

I have a ps3 Madcatz TE stick for sf4 and i dont have the faintest idea how to connect it to my pc.

If anyone could give me a guide or link to something to help me connect it to my pc i would be grateful. And if there is anything i need to buy then direct me to that too. I already have the PC version of the game and really cant adjust to the keyboard and want to use my PS3 Stick.

Thanks for listening. Help a SF4 brother out.

Oh and iam an el fuerte player if that helps haha. Dont hate me. :smile:


use the search man! (its free)

and try this thread




20 odd pages. God damn thats going to take me ages haha. Thought it would be simple too…

Cheers anyway


oh dude if you using to play sf4 on xp or vista?

should be plug and play on xp (like my setup)

have a read of the thread though man!


Vista unfortunetly