Need help with rekken

when i do it fei only hit once how do i hit three times

how do you mean? Are you really asking how to do the 3 rekka motion?

Admiral Ackbar say’s “Its a trap!!!”

:wtf: Sigh

Anyway, just in case you’re serious, 1 Rekka is:


3 rekkas are:

:qcf:+:p:, :qcf:+:p:, :qcf:+:p:

When the first one hits, input another straight away, or mash it…

i have a better question: I do one rekka motion and double tap the LP, but sometimes two rekkas come out. any tips to control this?

do it slower. the rekkas dont need to be done as fast as you think and you have time to see if they connect to see if u nned to do another one. this takes a bit of time getting used to though

Tatsumaki’s answer is solid. Here’s another suggestion and keep in mind this route all depends on how determined you are on levelling up your gameplay with Fei.

  1. Go into training room
  2. Put the Dummy Character on Random Block
  3. Hitconfirm off of the first rekka. (This is a brutal and extremely frustrating way of getting your rekkas up to par but once you get this downpat, you’ll be able to pull safe rekkas off way easier as well.)

Rekken 6

Thx for the tip. I have the same problems sometimes.