Need help with replacing parts in a sega saturn HSS-0130

Hi all,

So I have a sega saturn Hss-0130 and I wish to replace both the sticks and buttons to Sanwas. Now My knowledge of the types of sticks and buttons is fine, plus I know how to solder since I was trained in soldering at college. So I’m not an entire noob to electronics and arcade stick types. I have been saving for a while now so that I can buy in what parts etc that I need but I am confused about some things.

1st problem: The Stock stick is a Seimitsu LS-32, it is mounted to the metal panel via an S type mounting plate to metal bracket thingys sticking out from the panel. The mounting plate looks different in design to the modern Seimitsu mounting plates (hence the Hss_0130 is like 14-15 years old). In my mind buying the Sanwa with an S plate and then attaching it to the same place that the Seimitsu S plate used to be is what I should do. Are the holes where attach the S plate the same diameter(hole placement) as the Sanwa’s S plates holes? Will it be deep enough?

2nd problem: The seimitsu stick has individual connectors coming from each of the little microswitch boxes. When I get the Sanwa it will have the 5-pin universal joystick connector. Will this be an issue connecting it to the PCB (the PCB is another problem lol)

3rd problem: The sticks connectors run to a PCB which has the buttons soldered to it. Then there are cables running from that PCB to another main one further in the chassis where the Sega saturn controller ports run from. Basically its not a very common stick setup regarding connectors etc, and I dont know how to go about replacing parts. One idea I have is to buy the Sanwa OOM-8-6AR-H astro city panel, which has the sticks and buttons already attached (saving me hassle replacing the stick in my present panel), though connecting it to the strange PCB setup will still be a problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hope I haven’t broken any rules here.

Problems 1 & 2: Unless you have your heart set on a Sanwa buy this:

Remove the four screws that hold on the metal plate on the new joystick. Remove the old joystick from the HSS-0130. Remove the same four screws from the old stick. Take the metal plate off the old stick and put it on the new stick. Reinstall the new stick in the panel.

If you MUST have a Sanwa be prepared for a lot of metal work. I have done it, but it is not easy or fun. I dont recommend it, but it can be done. (it helps to have a drill press)

Problem 3: Lots of ways to solve this, an easy way is to desolder the buttons from the PCB and move it somewhere like the bottom of the case then solder wires where the buttons were and put quick disconnects on the wires, then plug them into the new buttons.

Problem 4: (The problem you don’t know about yet.) If yours is like mine, your new buttons will not fit in the holes in the panel. You will have to dremel or file the holes to make them bigger so the buttons will go in. (I forget if it was just a tab that needed removed or if the size was too small)

Overall this is not that hard of a mod if you have the tools. Buying a new Astro panel would be a waste of money and would not save you very much work, unless you are trying to install Sanwa sticks. Just replacing the parts that are there is pretty straight forward.

I think im just gonna get the Sanwa OOM-8-6AR-H astro city panel, i believe its the same size as my panel… then i can solder the buttons via connectors as you said. then itll be getting the sanwa sticks connected to the PCB as a last problem. i noticed in the pic no.2 that the connector to the buttons PCB from the stick has five cables, do i just connect the universal conector there?

Wait I noticed the ls-32s can have a circle restrictor, this is the main reason for me to change to the sanwa since i only though the Ls-32s had square ones. Are the ls32s circle restrictors any good?

I have never used the circular restrictor on a LS-32 so I dont know how “good” it is.

You can just take the square restrictor off the bottom of stick and try it like that(its a circle under the square restrictor) to see if you like it. Don’t leave it that way though because the metal will wear out your actuator. If you like it, order a circular restrictor and install it.

The circle gate is cheap and nice. I’d recommend giving it a try before giving up on the LS-32 altogether. I bought a HSS I intended to mod with circle gates, new springs and a full set of Seimitsu buttons. I bought a cab and now it’s sitting there unloved. :sad:

Yes I know the novelty can wear out. After sleeping on it I have made a decision on buying a seimitsu Astro City-1L6B single player panel . I never use my stick for 2 player so I might as well give my self more space and make it more spacious. All I need to do then is to buy a sanwa stick and 7buttons, shouldn’t be terribly expensive.

Just a last question: Will the sanwa fit the 1L6B ok? I know that in modern mounting plates that the measurements are generally universal right?

How will I connect the sanwas universal connector to the PCB. Any help is great :smiley:

Yo, I’d be rocking the LS-32-01 on my controller.
Shorter engage on those joystick. Circle gate restrictions should be very nice for marvel imo.

You make me lick my lips when mentioning MvC lol… I have the DC version of MVC2 with the total control 3 adapters for my saturn controls ( i own 19 sega saturn pads XD, i collect them). Maybe i should just think on it for a week. I wish to use the stick for al-round purposes, like for mame games etc. I know that sanwas are not great al round sticks, but still. XD decisions decisions.

The LS-32-01 are sooooo nice for marvel and TVC. Do you plan to use the HSS-0130 for that game only? I would highly recommend purchasing the circle gate then not only for fighting games, but for shmups and platformers on Mame.
JLF joysticks are nice too, but I use those for SFIV due to it’s longer engage distance.