Need help with Round 2 TE Stick: Not being recognized


Hey all,

I recently got a Madcatz Round 2 TE and, to my surprise, it has stopped working after a couple of hour of having it. The stick itself seems to work - when I press the Turbo button, the console lights up and I’m able to set the buttons - but my PS3 doesn’t seem to recognize that the stick is plugged in. Thinking that it may be a USB issue (since the cable was tightly wound right out of the box) I have checked to see if it was a problem with my USB port on the PS3. The port is fine.

I’m still within my 90 days warranty, but I know how much of a nightmare it is to either get a refund or get something repaired straight from the company. From what I have told you, do you guys think that it’s a problem with the USB and, if so, is there a “simple” fix?

This is so annoying since I had planned to take the weekend to acclimate to the stick so I can start MvC3 on the right foot. Woe is me.

Update: It seems that the USB is being recognized on my computer, so it might not be the USB at all. I also realized that you can’t set up turbo buttons while the stick is not plugged so the fact that I can do that while plugged in to the PS3 means that it is being recognized, right? So it seems that the problem might be the stick itself. On the PS3, both the stick motions nor the buttons inputs do anything.


Please, could I get some advice here? It seems the problem is not the USB cable, so I’m thinking of just sending it back to madcatz for a new one.

Sigh, such a nightmare.


Call Madcatz support for help.


Yes, call, don’t email. That’s the best way to get support. They’ve done a lot of replacements. It’s much better to go with them than trying to fix it yourself if you don’t have any experience. Once you open it, there could be a whole host of problems associated with it.


i dont get the surprise part…you saw the name madcatz on the box, right?


With in warranty period, use your warranty.


I received my FightStick TE round 2 yesterday too and am having the same problem. Has the OP resolved this yet?