Need help with Sagat



I’m not that new to street fighter i just suck at it. I really like sagat and i just need some pointers in EVERYTHING especially the timing on how to do the combos. If there is a site that can show me how to properly time them can someone anyone let me know i’m willing to putt in the time i just need to know i’m doing it right. I don’t mind doing the same thing a thousand times i just want to do it right a thousand times.


The best way to learn combo rhythms is to watch someone do them. Unfortunately, I cannot think of many places you’ll get that. Try and watch some topanga streams with bonchan, maybe.


These are the things I learned when I picked up Sagat. I tried to keep things as basic as possible and rely on good defense to help me keep up with my peers while i learned him during casuals.

Bread and Butter, crlk, cr.lp into TU - this is one of the most used ground combos for sagat. ideal for meaty situation on your opponent’s wake up. you can use it off a jump in too, but you’ll find out very fast that jumping in with sagat isn’t a good idea. you will have to use your judgement regarding range because if your opponent is too far, you will have to just do, cr.lp into TU.

the timing on this combo is very easy. it is very similar to bison’s cr.lkx3 into scissors kick. keep in mind that they are link’s and not cancels, so you have to time the combo without mashing ur crlk buttons. keep in mind that his is nowhere near as good as bisons or chun li’s though. it has a 5 frame startup and will get stuffed often if mis-used. do not rely on it to beat out fast pokes.

when used as a block string, end the string with a fireball instead of an uppercut obviously. depending on range, you can mix in throws and overhead to throw your opponent off. or just stop pressing anything to bait DP mash.

Basic Punishes into TU or TK - this is depending on range. you will find that if you’re too far from your opponent, attemping to cancel the into TK will whiff or only get you one hit. depending on what you’re trying to punish, you sometimes will have enough time to walk up close enough to perform into TK. eg. most baited unsafe hp DP’s are very punishable by into TK. if you feel like you do not have enough time, or you’re a bit out of range, use into TU. keep in mind is 5 frame start up, and is preffered over for it’s better start up and damage. but has alot of knockback and less range over into TU or TK - this is your reliable long range punish combo. from sagat is 7 frame start up, so it is significantly slower over because of this, you will have to time your cancel into TU/TK a bit slower than usual in order for it to cancel correctly. also, because it is alot slower, you will have trouble punshing moves with really fast recovery. eg. ken’s lp DP on block. this punish is more reliable for long range, because it also moves sagat forward, along with having more range to begin with. you’ll notice that off a really long range jump in attack, using a combo is one of the ways to make sure your jump in combo connects without whiffing. again, i advise against jumping in with sagat anyways.

i gtg now, but i’ll post more info later on if you want. if you have questions feel free to keep asking. as Dundle said, the best way imo is to watch other players do the combos on youtube, or in person. you get a feel for the timing that way.


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