Need help with saulabi stick sps-1000 (ps2)

Need help people from shoryureppa,

I have an old Saulabi stick (SPS-1000 / PS2p connector), and an long time ago that stick worked great on my pc using an converter.

now i lost that converter and bhought myself 2 yes 2 ps2 to usb converters to be on the safe side, and both don’t work …

I also tried to use an aditionall ps2 controller on port 2 and then the saulabi stick on the other port and both red lights from the converter blinks but none of the two works !!!

When i disconnect the saulabi stick the ps2 controller works again !!! weird stuff !! But when i connect just the saulabi stick (whitout the ps2 pad) nothing happends not even tjhe red lights shows up !!!

Now, i then cutted the cable from the saulabi stick to try and rewire the connections while the other end is the converter … and yes to some degree i have success… but i need the ps2 pad connected aswell …

Now the problem whit that succes is , though it registers the movement nicely the buttons however (X, O , square you know) randomly light up /flashing whitout me pusshing the buttons (not always) !!!

Is there any one who could help me connect /rewire the wires so that the converter woud read it perfectly ?

Here are the sticks i have bhought:


  2. ← this converter partial works by connecting the wires differently !

also, if this will not work what adapter woud be perfect for this stick using on pc pretty please !?

Iams seriously considering buy this adapter → and rewire the saulabi to the right color , just as it was before i cutted .

Thanks in advance people from shinryureppa,


Wrong forum. Shouldve went in Tech Talk.

But the Saulabi PS2 PCB is notoriously bad with converters. I think it may work with the Inpin. I dont know. I can check into it.

Ah Crap…yeah ive read positive things about the inpin converter … but i cant seem to find an dealer in europe !!

Well the thing is, i have bhought that stick in the past meant to be used on mame pc … And i remember back then the converter worked just splendid… it looked very similar to that Blue dongle i have recently purchased … but god knows whats inside those cheap rippoff converters these day’s !!!

Well, i just had succes for awhile the saulabi stick “can” work on that converter… But only when i use an aditional ps2 pad and the weirdest part of all i need to press and hold an button or move the stick in any direction while connecting the ps2 connector from the saulabi to the converter !!!

Now, the freaking port to which the saulabi is connecting is flashing/flickering red which causes the stick and buttons to act on their own !!!

Aaargh… this is frustrating !!

oh well…

thanks for your input Missing Poeple, and please do keep me posted whit your findings


Before you buy an inPin, it doesn’t work with the Saulabi. I just now found that out for you. Like I said, these things don’t play very nice with converters.

If you know how to solder and padhack, your best bet for getting a converter to work is to swap out the stock PCB for a PS1/2 pad, and going that route. If you’re really mod happy, and don’t want to bother with converters anymore, you could drop in a MC Cthulhu or PS360+ and put an RJ-45 into the base, and you wouldn’t really ever have to worry about it again.

I’ve heard of some people having problems with the stock PCB, I know for the PS3, but I don’t know about the PS2, so it may be worth it just to drop it for something better anyway.

And if you really just want it for PC, you could always just padhack a generic USB controller.

WauW…realy !?! I realy wonder what converter i must have had to get this stick to work from day 1 back then !!!

I just have contacted etokki whit the same question about the inpin, since they sell both the converter and some saulabi sticks!!

Hmm, padhack using generic usb controller seems to be the easiest approach;;. BUT I never have done that !!!

does that mean i loose the saulabi pcb !!! i mean do i need to desolder the buttons and what not or do you mean by padhack i solder the the wires from the saulabi to the pcb from a generic controller!!??

any guides for some research woud be nice !

oh well… thanks…

The only wires in the Saulabi lead from the joystick?

Actually, the reason I know that the inpin doesn’t work is from etokki. Check the review section.

You get rid of the saulabi PCB, but if it doesn’t play nicely with converters, that’s not a huge loss in your case. If you’ve not soldered before, you may not want to go this route. You may be able to find someone that can do the job for you in Tech Talk or the Trading Outlet. But it will cost for their labor time.

It sounds like you haven’t even switched out the stock hardware at all? I’m amazed that stick has lasted that long without a switch. Is that with light play or heavy use? I might also suggest swapping out the buttons and stick for some real parts like a Myoungshin Fanta and Crown buttons over the imitation buttons and leaf switch stick. It’s not 100% required, but there is a nice difference in the responsiveness of the Saulabi with authentic Korean parts in that thing.

Have you ever soldered before? That’s the critical question to see whether you are capable of immediately hacking up a Saulabi for the purposes you need it to work. If you haven’t, you might commission someone to.

Well, the standard stick that came whit the saulabi is in very good shape though… I haven’t played all that much because that stick DID NOT felt right when i played KI or Streetfighter games … I had an difficult time to make quarter circles or half circles when needed in games !!!

i liked the idea to swap the stick for an ReaL arcade stick like the ones of the good ol MK/killer instinct cabinets hehe.

And lo and behold, so i ordered an IL euro competition stick and i used the top base from the saulabi and moved it to an custom made wooden shell to have the room to replace the standard stick whit the competition IL euro sticks and you know what…

that stick feels so sick, JUST EXactLY like the sticks in the old arcade day’s wow… And those stick are so cheap yet so HIGh QUAlITY .

That said, its beyond me that NEARLY EVERY so Called arcade stick is sold whit such cheap plastic balltop !!!

Baltops are nice for pacman ,but for fighting - beatemups give me an bat top any day GOOD LORD…

And if they come whit bat tops, its like made for children for crying out loud !!!

Hence my choice for the IL competition sticks …

Realy iam bit shocked that PS3 / XBOX360 sticks still looking so dull but most important they FEEL so mechanical you know … it makes me want to puke!!

I have solder equipment yes, but that was just to solder some wires together you know… have done nothing major like working on an pcb in my life !!!
The thing is where/what do i need to desolder/solder to get it to work… !!

No i rather don’t want to mess whit these things !!

Oh well, if things comes to wurse … maybe i can purchase an saulabi 4K and mod it in the same i did with my saulabi… for the stick to fit and such…

I have seen that the 4k is pretty much the same design as my current saulabi …

hey missingpeople, if you happend to know what adapter/converter that woud work for 100% whit this stick of mine let me know will ya;

yoUr input is much appreciated m8te.

take care