Need help with Sent/Capcom strat



launch,sj,lk,lk,fly,lk,hp,capcom AAA,RP Diagnal up. I need help on the timeing on when you send capcom out. Any suggestions? Thanx in advanced.


I don’t know, the specifics(since I dont have a dc on me right now)

but I think, launch, lk, flyXX (lk+assist), hpXXrp

does teh same…maybe [more] amount of damage as your combo.
due to damage scaling(always good to keep in mind)

my bro does corner chain, into throw, into the basic rp assist combo… does crazy damage… especially off of a hsf


hmmm. No luck. Mabe I just need to practice it a little more. Thanx though.


press lk and commado assist at the sametime.


well im not an xpert on sent but the combo u want to do is, sj, lk, ff, lk + Capcom, fp, capcom hits, d.rp, lk, lk, u/f rp

does insane amounts of damage also u can do 1 or 2 of his combos without an assist, sj, lk, ff, lk, d.rp, lk, lk, u/f rp

aslo does lots of damage but hella hard to land i should know ive been trying it for about a month and can only land a small percent of it