Need Help With SFxT


Cant say ive joined many forums in my time, but i really needed some help with sfxt. I recently played someone online and got completely smashed. We had several rematches and i lost all of them. As you can imagine, i was quite taken by this and get rather discouraged. I know you cant win them all, but i feel like i dont win any at all. Ive been playing sfxt since it came out an i would say i put quite a lot time into to it every day. I spend the majority of my time in training mode trying out combos and just having a warm, but whenever i take it online, i just seem to lose over and over again. I imagine its not just one thing im doing wrong but a few, but i dont know how to improve my game At the moment i feel like im not much of a challenge for anyone. but get told that i have good reactions. Since the new dlc characters have come ive wanted to really try them. Since doing so, ive took a strong liking to bryan and lars, and would like ot include them as one my mains. At the moment my main team is Ken and Orge thanks to Maxamillian haha. But i would like to find someone else that i dont know…suits me. any help would really be of help, ive seen some people on who know what they are talking and hope that one of said people find their way here. im very sorry about the length of this and hope that ive covered everything.

however in the likely case that theres something i have include or would more information in, please do let me know. thank you for you time.

P.s. i apologize for any mistakes during this, i’m a little tired :slight_smile:


I think the best thing to do is to watch your replays, particularly the ones you have lost. Analyze the happenings of the match and try to find out your usual quirks which has to be changed. Now that you know your quirks, you must build a training regime that would eliminate them and build up a better fighting psychology. Easier said than done though as fighting games really require a lot of patience and determination.

I’m also still new to this fighting games (I’m not even sure if the things I’ve written here makes any sense) and there are times that I would lose to the same person (or a lot of people) over and over. Sometimes you should know also when to fold on someone (unless you don’t care about your points).

For now, the best thing you should do is to watch your replays to grasp a better understanding of your playstyle.


No no I didnt lose points because it was in an endless battle we played in. But I still lose to him over and over again. I did already watch back my replays and well…let’s just see I see where I went wrong. I’ve found I have two weaknesses at this moment in time I’m hoping to may have some experience in. Firstly are cross ups. I understand that are a useful mix up. But I litterally get floored and the second a get up. I’m crossed up, cross rush, combo combo, floored. Over and over and over again. Not completely sure how to deal with those. And my other problem and I have got a “team” as such. Like I want a team that is strong together and I’m comfortabl with. Like I picked ken and orge because i saw someone who was really good with use them, but I don’t know, I want to real train myself with some other people but just not sure where to start


Cross-ups? That’s my problem too. :smiley:

I’ve brought that up in the Ranting Thread and this is what I’ve learned so far:

These advices might be of use to you. :slight_smile: