Need help with Shoto clones



I love playing Hakan but I always lose VS Ryu and his gang of loveable clones. Seeing how 8/10 of my matches are fighting Shoto’s I am really struggling when they zone me in a corner. I try ducking but they mix up of fire ball speeds making damage unavoidable and oiling impossible. Oil Dive is useless as they are alwasy crouching. If I ever get near them I am Shoryukend back to the over side.

Any tips on how to escape a [S]spaming[/S] zoning minefield?


when people try to zone me, i just stock up on oil and usually once they see that, they stop the zoning game (since you should be able to EX Slide on reaction). If you get zoned in the corner, which is terrible for hakan, couple options i usually take: blood oil (exchange hp for oil) and then focus parry out of there (i would parry into a jab/short and then tick throw into lp SPD to get myself out of the corner) (basically use your HP to get out), and the one I usually do the most is just block and wait for them to get in range of my cr. jab OS slide and in case it misses, FADC it to throw/EX SPD/jab/whatever. Another thing you can do is spam st. hp and cr. hk if they are zoning with cr. mk xx fireball.

By the way, I’m no hakan expert, so take it for what it’s worth. Hope it helps. Oh and also don’t duck fireballs in the corner, what a weird thing to do lol.


Try to move forward and push them to the corner. Focus the fireballs to increase ultra meter (be wary of ex fireballs and the health you need to regenerate after absorbing the fireball). Block them and reversal oil dive + coward crouch cancel to increase ex meter. If you have ex meter, try to get oil and slide.ex + punch followup to get them. If you have super, push them to the corner or get close enough to do super.hp (focus forward dash a fireball while buffering super and if they throw another when you are still dashing press hp to get them).

Notice what type of patterns they implement… some shotos like to jump at you when you jump over a fireball, others like to move forward somehow to try punish you. This information will help you figure out how to punish them… does U2 punish them? does super punish them? slide.lp? anti-air f.hp? anti-air anti-air f.lp?

I find Akuma and Sagat the hardest shoto matchups, specially a really good Akuma’s. Sagat its easier if you have oil and ex meter.

Good players usually stop spamming fireballs if they see your using them to increase your ultra meter.

Practice on training mode, record Sagat spamming fireballs and try to gain ultra, ex meter and oil yourself while losing the least amount of health.

Online lag sucks.

Good luck.