Need help with some LED buttons in the madcatz TE2


So I know there is some post around this wonderful forum that tells me how to put led’s inside buttons. But to be honest, I’m not sure how to do it on the TE2.
I just want to know a few things before I buy some stuff. First if someone knew what the two blue led buttons that comes with the stick is. I’ve done some research and some people say its the Sanwa OBSC-30, smoke. As far I can tell they don’t come with led in them. So the next step is, how would one put led inside them?
Do I need to buy extra stuff beside the buttons and the led’s themselves?

I know this is a very easy thing to do, since a lot of people have done it. But I’m very new to stick modding and I want to be sure before I buy stuff that it is going to work.


Doesn’t the TE2 have a seperate board with LEDs on it? If it does you can just put it any clear 30mm button and you should be good.


If that is true, that would be awesome. Thanks for the answer, now it would be nice if someone could confirm.


Only the Killer Instinct edition of the TE2 has an LED panel. If you have that version then you’re sorted.


Awesome, thanks for the help.