Need help with SRKS on fightpad

Hello everyone. I recently bought a fight pad for SSF4 but I’m having difficulty doing SRK motions on it. If I try something like say C HP Marseilles Roll and try to do a SRK motion I usually end up doing a super(training mode)I had trouble doing SRKS even before I bought a fight pad so I’m not going to try it in a match until i can do it more consistently. Videos Tips and Feedback would be highly appreciated. (if you couldn’t tell I play Abel)

It is nothing beyond doing it a few thousand times. I say instead of doing it in a combo with such tight timing, set the computer to jump and just try grabbing them out the air. Next try doing it straight out of c.HP. Then move on to c.HP xx LP.MRoll > LP.FallingSky.

Practice. Thats all it takes.

turn on inputs and training mode.

What your looking for is a forward, a crouch, and then a crouch-forward. If you need to, hold the crouch forward

dont resort to using crouch-forward, crouch-forward, you’ll be screwed in every other FG if you do

Tap forward, then do a QCF. Gamers these days tend to be too used to simply rocking the dpad like an analog stick. Anyone who’s played on pad from the 90’s knows to tap the pad (heck, they probably do it on instinct).

That said, please read the rules next time. This type of discussion belongs in the Newbie Saikyo section.

I thought the same thing but like 5 people said the techtalk forum…I was even sent here by a mod since i was new so blame him not me