Need help with stick artwork

hey everyone. first off i have to apologize for being a noob to most of this stuff. i read through alot of pages and didn’t find much info on artwork. i’m got some kickass images ready for a vinyl adhesive print, unless there’s something better to use. i have a mas ultimate i believe, the biggest one they sell. i dont wanna use plexi glass since the already use 3/4" plywood. i have some pics that i want to get printed out, but both kinkos and costco tell me its gonna be expensive. the last time i read something on here about artwork, it was supposed to cost less than $5. the artwork is at a reasonably high resolution(1600x1200). i have to print it out to 14 1/2"x10". any help you guys can provide will be greatly apreaciated. thanks

I’m not sure of the price for a single print, my guess would be 20-30 bucks.