Need help with tatsu combo inputs

I’m trying to perform her tatsu combo’s using links but having a very hard time doing so. Here is the combo im trying to perform:

s.hp - lk. tatsu - c.hp - ex tatsu

What are the correct inputs for this, can someone please post them, what I’m doing isn’t working. Do I need to plink or use negative edge for this?

Well just a wee heads up, we have a Q+A thread for this kind of stuff, we’d just rather not clutter up the forum a bit >.<

To answer your question, this is a quite tough combo, if you’re only starting out on Sakura or SF in general, I would go with learning some easier combos, > cr.lp > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/shouken > cr.lp > xx shouken

“xx” means cancel, a cancel is when normals recovery frames are cancelled into a special. st.hp xx tatsu is a cancel

To answer your question if you want to practice that combo, do st.hp, QCB (quarter circle back or down, downback, back) light kick > cr.hp (down and heavy punch) and QCB KKK (LK+MK+HK) or if you play on stick, any of those 2 buttons combined

For plinking, I dunno if you play stick or pad, but personally I play pad so I press HP and then almost instantly press MP, the game will give HP more priority (I don’t fully understand it myself) but this will turn the 1f link (tightest link possible) into a 2f link

I hope that helped, ask here if you want to know anymore. Also try out Sakura’s trials to get a feel for her combos and her timing

oh man i feel for u playing on pad. i dunno how u can plink on that. Without plinking tatsu to chp is hella hard.

Nah, plinking HP on pad is easy enough, it’s just MP and MK are a tad awkward

It’s that combo where you only have 1 frame to link ?

Yep, tatsu > cr.hp is a 1f link

Yeah it’s pretty difficult… I still can’t figure out when to press on the button… Have to practice again and again I guess.

If cr. hp doesn’t come out at all, you did it too early. If it comes out, but the dummy blocks it, you did it too late. That’s how you figure out link timing in training mode. IMO Sak’s tatsu loops aren’t that hard. Yeah, they consist of one frame links, but they have an easy rhythm to them. It’s just a matter of practice.

On plinking: It’s basically a mechanic that is built into the game to allow certain inputs to be easier. For instance, a throw input should require you to press lp and lk at the exact same time. However, the developers decided to make such inputs slightly more lenient, so that if you press lk and then lp one frame apart, you will still get a throw. This is exploitable in the form of plinking, where if you press one button, then another (of lower priority [attacks of lesser strength have less priority than those of higher strength, and punches have less priority than kicks, so if you press hp and mp at the same time, you will get hp, and if you press hp and hk at the same time, you will get hk]) you will get two inputs of the attack you want to do. So if you press hp, and then mp EXACTLY one frame later, you will actually get two inputs of hp, the first hp, and then the mp (which will be treated as a hp because of the input leniency and the greater priority of the hp).

Somewhere here on srk there is a good post explaining plinking.

cl.:hp: xx :qcb: :lk: > cr.:hp: xx :qcb: :2k:

My first time using these buttons on SRK >.<. That’s what the inputs look like