Need help with TE stick problem

one of the directions on the stick stopped registering which is forward (from 1st player side), if i do df or uf it comes out as U or D. Any idea how i can fix this?

Well, one thing to do is to open it up and look at the microswitches, though that sort of problem sounds like it might be an electronic (PCB) issue.

guess il try but not sure if thats gonna help much since i have no idea what im looking for >.< any idea where the problem is specifically? would atleast like to know what i need to replace

The most likely possibilities:
A mechanical problem with the switches in the stick. (This is fixed by replacing parts of the stick.)
A connection problem with the cable that hooks the stick to the PCB . (This is fixed by making sure the cable is well-seated.)
An electronic or component problem on the PCB. (Replacement PCB … not easy to come by for Xbox 360 setups right now.)