Need Help with TE stick Screws


i bought a SF4 Te stick on ebay and i love using it in MVC3. When i purchased the stick, the buttons were swapped ( the black button was where the white one should be). so when i swapped the buttons and closed the stick i noticed that one of the screws didn’t screw in right. So i opened it and i found out that one of the screws was missing that metal piece that tightens the screw into the hole. Does any one know where i can find or what i can use as a replacement?

Any response would be appreciated

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The screws that come with the TE suck. You really should replace them anyhow.


aren’t those made for MadCatz only?
the screws aren’t the problem, it’s what they screw into i need help with


M4 Nut.


thanks for the question
is it more specific or is it just an M4 Nut?


Yeah they’re a generic type. Also, are you saying there’s no hole for the screw to fit into?


its just a generic m4 nut
the warranty goo that MCZ uses to stick them to the plastic must have come off
use hot glue or superglue to glue the nut into its respective place in the stick


no the little metal part that holds the screw in place is gone, so the screw just goes in without being tightened


Sorry, I don’t know what to say.


My nuts fell off and I bought replacements too. I’m assuming I bought M4 ones, but either way, I super-glue them where the old nuts were and they work fine.

For clarification, the M4 nut is the little metal part that holds the screw that you’re referring to. Good luck!