Need help with template

i am currently building my first stick and have a little problem with the template! i have the button layouts from slagcoins site,but how do i now create a template (for the artwork)?
btw:never worked with photoshop or similar programs…
every help is very much appreciated

What I plan to do is simply trace the entire front panel’s pattern (with the holes for the buttons, etc.) onto a piece of vellum, and take it from there by hand. To work a pattern in Photoshop, one way would be to open the file for the blank template for the front panel, and then open your desired art file, and move the art into the template as another layer. Just make sure the artwork fits properly within the space (like, no one’s face is covered with the stick, etc.). Dunno if this helps…

thx for the answer,but my problem is to create the blank template on the computer…
i am very bad at such things :sad:

Take the top panel and scan it into PS. Then from those holes, draw the circles either with the Magic Wand or Elliptical Marquee Tool, and with those selections, Edit > Stroke, choose your pixel size, color, etc.

You have the same problem as me mate, I too have a layout but can’t print it off because I don’t know how to make it the correct size as printing off from 300ppi makes it hella large.

Ah ok, um, what I’d say is open a new blank image at the size of your front panel (or just 8.5’’ x 11", since I’m guessing you won’t be able to print larger than that if you’re doing this at home). Then open the template from slagcoin, and drop it in to your new image. Then like the above post says, you could trace the button shapes using the elliptical marquee tool (hold control while you drag to maintain a perfect circle), then fill them or whatnot to indicate the button/stick placement, basically replicating the original template. Hope we’re helping so far…

P.S. you may have to hold shift for a perfect circle (if ctrl doesn’t work), I forget offhand, even though I’ve used it recently… it’s one of those buttons slaps self

Do you have access to photoshop?

thx,i will give it a try and post here afterwards!

Just print it at 72ppi

One of the things you could do is measure your top panel and create a canvas/image of the same size in photoshop and make a graph paper design on it ( Print it out and align it on your control panel and measure up where you have the sticks/buttons laid out and create them on another layer in your photoshop image.

Or just change the layer with the layout on to Multiply. :wink:

Here i even made you a video of how to do it. [media=youtube]Y8SQ0gHF9hU"[/media]

Have fun. :wgrin:

thx for the effort!
but i even have problems with the most basic things…
for example what format must the template have so i can import it to ps?
looks like jpg wont work…

photoshop can pretty much open any kind of image file, you can even drag and drop the image or copy/paste.

When you get the file browser after clicking on file>open make sure the filter is set to the filetype you you want to open (or just change it to all files) that way you can find it.

Nice, Photoshop always has a million ways to do anything. Though if he wants to clear all the ‘angle-lines’ n such in the template he’ll just have a bit of cleaning up to do.