Need help with the Chun Li matchup, video inside



I managed to make it out of my pool in this months Ireland Online tournament, came 2nd overall, losing to a Chun player. Ive beaten this guy before when he’s used any character other then Chun, unfortunately, he mains Chun and and Im up against him in the opening round :sad:.

Its first to 10 and I really dont want it to be a white wash, just so you guys have an idea of what I play like, here’s a video my opening 2 fights in my pool.


Edit: Ok, heres a set of me and him, sorry for posting the wrong video


i dont see chun li anywhere in that video o.O


Ill cap and upload a video of the chun player now, sorry, I was in work when I posted this and thats the only Video I have of me playing Guy so I thought it might be of some use.


Just a quick observation.Where are all the combos? You landed alot of crossups but only did pointless combos that dont lead into anything.

With Guy you need to get your opponent to the corner and inflict max damage whilst doing so.Go into training mode and just practice your combos that end in bushin chain and EX hozanto .


I know how to do combos


Its landing them in against this guy thats the problem. I can do it against people I know I can beat but, I dunno … maybe its mental guard break :confused:.


Actually, its landing Bushin Chain that could be the problem. I can land it as a punish against standing opponents, but I’m afraid to try it in any situation were they could be crouching as it will whiff if they are. I also suck at hit confirming, so crouching Jab x2 into Bushin chain either means I push my opponent back to far for the bushin chain to work, or I freak out and got for the chain anyway even if they are blocking.

I realize this is a bad habit I need to get out of, If you look at the combo video above you’ll see my inputs, Ive only just started to stop mashing so much to get those combo’s to connect but it took a lot of time. Ive only got till the end of the week before I have to have a first to ten with this guy so I dont think Im gonna have my hit confirming down by then, any other tips in the mean time ?, Ive already shown I can do the combo’s in training I just find it hard to land them in a real match. I made a thread about focus attacks earlier, Im still working on them with mixed results, when they work they work great but when they dont I get murdered.


I’m sorry, I must be a total noob but do any of guy’s pokes beat Chun’s annoying crouching roundhouse?
I’m still really low in the PP/BP, so all the people I face are almost always crouching and her sweep is just really annoying.


If she focus absorbs your jump in elbow, instead of blocking like you did in round 1 you can dash back and their focus attack will whiff it they let go. Follow up with punish. If they start dashing forward after focusing, which is unlikely, you can then just stay put and punish them.

At high level chun li’s will abuse her cr.Lk on Guy, especially after blocked focus attack. I’d use U2 to catch them on that low short.