Need help with the Yang Viper Matchup

Greeting everyone.

I currently need matchup experience on the Yang - Viper matchup.

Really appreciate if you guys can help.

Gamertag is PJS Iketakeda

Most Yang players will dive kick to enter and then just punch and chain a combo if it lands. There are three main points where you can catch Yang:
[]In the air, just TK or HK him out
]After he lands the dive kick, jump accordingly and hit him. He will be too busy low punching to counter
[*]The minute his pokes push you out of range, he most likely will jump, this is where you can Medium TK him. If he jumps, you are in a good spot to throw; if he doesn’t, it’s your advantage. Anti-air TK is dangerous here…
I’ve noticed that on wake, it’s best to bait out his anti-air move, which is highly punishable. If you are far away, Yangs like to to this anti-air kick as well. These positions are where you bait him out and punish.

Those are my main answers. Yang isn’t much trouble for Viper, IMO

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t realize you were asking for matchup experience!

Now I’m never gonna lose to Justin’s Yang!
I was a fool for thinking that Yang-Viper is in Yang’s favor!
Thanks for your insight, AzureWolf!

I never said everything is textbook style, follow-the-letter-to-the-law play. I’m just saying, that’s been my experience with Yangs on XBL.

Like the matchup threads for each character, I’m just tossing out some pointers. Of course over the course of the match things will change. No need for sarcasm.

If you try to jump out of divekick pressure you’re gonna get trashed. And if you throw out mp tk when he’s out of range thats a really good way for him to land on your face with a neutral jump fierce or forward

from what i’ve read, yang beats c.viper 6-4.

yang has like 2 option selects that almost completely shuts down her entire mix up game once yang is knocked down and when yang knocks c.viper down.

prolly once people actually get the hang of yang, he’ll be beating c.viper in no time.

Just a matter of time just like how c.viper was in vanilla